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Weight: 3 gr

These stencils have been designed to create a nail art masterpiece on the tips of your fingers. Use them with different nail colors and enjoy the diversity of looks!

  • Sophisticated detailed nail design in just a few minutes.
  • Due to adhesive base, the stencils stay on nails, do not slide away and prevent nail polish from getting beyond the openings.
  • A set of 38 pieces.

Safety measures: do not use for children; avoid contact with mouth, eyes and damaged skin.

Best before: 3 years.
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Made for Faberlic JSC, 4 Nikopolskaya str., Moscow, Russia
Country of Origin: Russian Federation

Contains: PVC film, polyacrylate glue, paper with antiadhesion coating.

1. Apply required amount of your regular nail polish and wait until thoroughly dried.

2. Lift the desired stencil element from the base and place it on your nail. Use tweezers.

3. Flatten the stencil over the nail and press it in the areas at the interface of skin and nail, cuticle and nail tip. Use an orange stick.

4. Apply the contrasting nail color over the stencil. You can use a sponge to apply nail polish.

5. Remove the stencil as soon as possible. Use tweezers.

6. After the design is completely dry, apply transparent top coat or quick dry.

7. Wait until the nails are thoroughly dried.

  User Recommendation
Kavalenko Irina Sergeevna
Миниатюрные, бумажные, слегка клеятся на ногти. Одноразовые, легко удаляются с ногтя. Рисунки наклеивать уже на накрашенные ногти желательно, а сверху красить на наклейки другим цветом лака. Получается интересно.
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