Weight: 26 gr, Volume: 30 ml

#Boom Couture was created specially for Faberlic by the famous French perfumer Delfine Lebeau.

Fragrance: fruity-gourmet.

This fragrance will immerse you in the magical atmosphere of Paris Fashion Week. Bright notes of blackberry, wild strawberry, and strawberry turn it into the stylish accessory that every fashionista's dreams are made of. The composition is embellished with floral accents of vanilla orchid and tiare,which are at the peak of popularity and add an air of sophistication and charm.

Olfactory pyramidis a professional term used to divide fragrances in accords. A fragrance consists of three accords which speak sequentially: top (initial) notes, body notes and bottom (base) notes. The literal meaning of olfactory is “smelling”. #Boom Couture's olfactory pyramid:  

Top notes: bergamot, blackberry, wild strawberry, strawberry.
Body notes: freesia, tiare flowers, vanilla orchid.
Base notes: musk, cedar.

Package: spray bottle, 30 ml.
Best before: 5 years from the manufacture date.

Made for Faberlic JSC, 4 Nikopolskaya str., Moscow, Russia
Country of Origin: Russian Federation

Contains: Alcohol denat., Aqua, Parfum, Alpha-Isomethyl Ionone, Linalool, Citronellol, Limonene, Benzyl Alcohol, Hydroxycitronellal, Geraniol, Citral.

How to use fragrance properly?

The aromatic notes sound their best on the body’s pulse points:

  • The wrist joint (where the pulse is measured);
  • The elbow joint (internal side);
  • Behind the ears;
  • The neckline.

Hair holds the fragrance well; it can be sprayed on the neck or back of the head.

To enhance the aroma trail, apply it behind your knees and on the lower inside hem of your dress.

Finally, we recommend that you spray the fragrance upwards and enter into the cloud.

How to choose a fragrance?

Rule 1. Do not smell many fragrances at once. Try 3-4 fragrances; this way you will avoid mixing them and can remember the scent.

Rule 2. Do not spray the fragrance into the bottle cap. Try not to smell the fragrance directly from the bottle or sample. Put it on a blotter or clean tissue. Having chosen the fragrance this way, spray it on your skin in order to understand how it “lives” on you. The same fragrance can speak differently on you and your friend.

Rule 3. Do not buy the fragrance based on first impressions. Walk a bit with the fragrance on. Wait for the body notes (15-30 minutes), which accompany you during the day after the volatile upper notes pass away, and make your choice after that.

Rule 4. Take notice of the weather, climate and situation. Remember that humid warm air spreads fragrance better as compared with cold and dry air. Discreet fragrances are universal, while bright and strong ones are not always good for an office or beach. But the latter will not go unnoticed on a romanticdate.

Rule 5. Turn the selection procedure into pleasure. A good mood is the best advisor in the hard task of choosing a fragrance!

  User Recommendation
Kovalenko Ekaterina Vitalevna
Приятный ягодный аромат, очень понравился! Подходит для молоденьких девушек.
Pan'Shina Irina Valer'Evna
Заказала себе, вкусная водичка.
Suvorikova Galina Viktorovna
Вкусный, сладкий аромат, свежий. Ежевика, малинка. Ммм...
Sverkova Natal'Ya Vyacheslavovna
Очень вкусный аромат, попробовала всего лишь несколько капель на сгиб кисти руки, где пульс, продержался 14 часов, а на одежде двое суток. Волшебный аромат, для любительниц вкусных пирожных.
Golovko Anna Vladimirovna
Прекрасный аромат. Девчачий, игривый, запоминающийся! Сладкий, но не приторный, с некой особенностью. Поднимает настроение. Достаточно стойкий. Советую приобрести.
Rodionova Anna Aleksandrovna
Была приятно удивлена этому ягодному аромату... Приятный, ягодный и сладенький аромат. На мне продержался на коже 3-4 часа, на одежде 5-6 часов. Рекомендую хоть раз, но попробовать этот аромат.
Zinov'Eva Lyubov' Petrovna
Аромат мне очень нравится, купила три флакона. И самое главное - нравится окружающим.
Terhoeva Roza Isaevna
Превосходный аромат, мне очень нравится.
Zyuzina Alena Valer'Evna
Прекрасный сладкий аромат, держится долго, любительницам сладеньких ароматов рекомендую.
Mollaeva Dzhul'Etta Dzhalaldinovna
Нежный запах, мне понравился!
Mamaiko Radmila Vladimirovna
Четкий запах ягод, очень вкусный, для такой цены держится неплохо.
Bukreeva Il'Fira
Замечательные, классные!
Pyatina Dar'Ya Igorevna
Отличная водичка, заказала без пробника и не пожалела, отличный выбор! Всем рекомендую.
Sutaeva Mesedo Mahmudovna
Nusupbaeva Asel' Mugalzharovna
Заказала впервые, очень-очень довольна заказом!!!
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