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Quantity/Volume: 50 mL

A test sample of UNIVERSAL Concentrated Detergent


Effectively removes dust, indoor and outdoor soils from any solid washable surfaces.

It is multifunctional - recommended for regular floor moping: linoleum, tiles, ceramic tiles, laminate, hardwood, walls and washable wallpaper, stretched ceilings, ceramics, plastic, natural and artificial stone, vinyl, glossy and polymer coatings, interior items, furniture fronts, window frames and windowsills.

Does not leave stains, streaks and does not need extra rinsing. Has a neutral pH level.

Free from chlorine, phosphates, parabens and MIT&CMIT isothiazolinones.

Fit for cleansing of pet keeping sites.


  • For washing all types of floors, walls, ceilings, fronts, window frames.
  • Effectively removes indoor soils, fur, fuzz, pollen, allergens.
  • Slows down setting of the dust.
  • Brings a natural shine.
  • The hypoallergic scent.
  • Recommended for cleaning in children rooms and washing toys after outdoors.
  • Cares for your hands, does not require using gloves.
  • Does not need rinsing off.


Plant-based AEIs complex effectively soaks up surfaces, easily removes dust, dirt, grease, and collects pets' fur.

The citric acid salt (sodium citrate) softens water, increases the washing ability.

Organic functional additives (antistatic additive, acrylic copolymer) slow down the setting of dust, accelerate drying, prevent streaks and damp patches, bring a natural shine to surfaces.

The hypoallergic fragrant composition (fragrance) brings a light scent of linden blossom.

The biodegradable preservative prevents the growth of pathogens in the product during the shelf life.

Shelf life: 24 months from the manufacturing date on the package.

Made for JSC Faberlic, located at 4, Nikolopolskaya str., Moscow, Russia.
Made in:: Russia

More than 30% of water, 5-15% coconut butter and palm oil-based complex of NAEI, less than 5%: sodium citrate, antistatic additive, polysaccharide, acrylic copolymer, hypoallergic fragrance, preservative, food colouring agent.

Dissolve 10-100 ml of the product in 10 l of water for regular cleaning depending on the degree of surface soils. Use concentrated to remove old, dried stains or to clean very dirty surfaces. For delicate and natural surfaces, dissolve it more after a test on a small hidden area.

Storage requirements: store in a dry room at the temperature between +5 °С and +25 °С.

Precautions: for the intended use only! Keep in a tightly closed package, away from food, out of reach of children. Warning! Can cause harm when swallowed. Rinse the mouth with water if swallowed. Avoid contact with eyes. In case of eye contact, rinse immediately with clean water. Consult your physician if necessary.

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Средство так себе, помыла ванную концентратом, конечно результат намного лучше когда моешь доместосом с пемолюксом.
Ferizə H.
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хорошее, легкий запах, руки порядке, разводов на мебели и полах нет. пыль и правда меньше оседает.
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