aroma-image-3Question: Different clients purchased 2 fragrances – Ivresse de L'amour and Aora– and after a while asked me why the scent of Aora doesn’t last as long as Ivresse de L’amour. Besides, clients often complain about short life of our fragrances – what does it depend on? 

Experts answer: Faberlic fragrances are long-lasting. All our fragrance products (eau de parfum, eau de toilette etc.) undergo state registration and various studies: clinical, chemico-analytical, toxicological.

Each fragrance undergoes such studies, including persistence studies. So, all our products comply with the GOST standards.

Perception of fragrance persistence depends on individual characteristics of a person. We all perceive fragrances differently (each one has an opinion). Besides, the same fragrance reveals and stays differently on the skin of different people. Some of us better keep musky notes, others – woody notes etc. Also, don’t forget that when you feel comfortable with your fragrance, you may not feel its scent. But that doesn’t mean that people around you don’t feel it either. It can also be explained by specifics of our sense of smell.

If your clients want to enjoy their favourite fragrance longer, they may use the following tips:

1. Apply the fragrance to pulse points, such as wrists, elbow crease, behind the ears: capillaries in these areas are close to the surface, so the skin is warmer and the scent intensifies.
2. Clean hair keeps scents longer.
3. Refresh the fragrance throughout the day.

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Question: It seems to me that the fragrance persistence has changed, fragrances started to evaporate faster. They were more long-lasting before. Has the formula changed?

Experts answer: The persistence of our fragrance composition NEVER CHANGES. Percentage of fragrant aqua compositions complies with its formulas, GOSTs and required standards. Your own perception of a fragrance changes with time. It depends not only of age, health condition, season (in summer your favourite fragrance may seem more heavy, while in winter you were perfectly fine with it).

A fragrance is a mood! If you don’t feel the fragrance on yourself, that doesn’t mean that others don’t too. That means that this fragrance suits you and complies with your mood harmoniously.