Question: How do I choose a fragrance? How can I figure out if a fragrance suits me?

The Expert's answer: Try not to smell the fragrance directly from the bottle – spray it onto the special plastic strips for testing fragrances, onto your skin, or on a clean handkerchief. Pay as much attention as you can to how the fragrance smells on you: your skin’s chemistry is unique. You can try the same fragrance as a friend, but it will smell completely different on each of you.

If you test multiple fragrances at once, and you were particularly drawn to one of them, wait for the heart notes (about 15-30 minutes) that will linger throughout the fragrance’s life long after the volatile top notes have faded. Consider the weather, climate, and situational factors when choosing a fragrance. Remember that in humid, warm air, scents will spread more intensely than in cold, dry air. One final point: trust your instincts! Your mood will guide you towards the fragrance that is perfect for the moment.