iSeulExotic yet highly popular, Korea has established some of the latest beauty trends. Product manager of the Skincare Division Yana Leontyeva answered our questions about iSeul series, a joint product of Faberlic and the Korean-based BioSpectrum Laboratory.

Moisture shine effect – what does it mean for skin?

Chok-chok, or moisture shine effect, is the Korean beauty trend. Skin looks smooth and deeply hydrated. iSeul Series helps to smooth out skin surface and locks in moisture to keep skin healthy and delay the signs of ageing.

How do active ingredients, such as bird’s nest extract, white mulberry and fuligo algae, work?

These are Korean traditional active ingredients. Bird’s nest extract deeply nourishes, hydrates and revitalizes skin. Asian mulberry restores lipid layer and boosts skin with energy. Fuligo algae enhance skin elasticity and density.

What age category is this skincare series intended for? Is there any difference in its effects depending on age?

This series is suitable for all age categories. Balanced delicate care guarantees positive results at any age.

Is it possible to use iSeul on problem skin? Will it be effective?

Problem skin typically requires more accurate approach. iSeul Series will not help to get rid of skin imperfections, but it will be a good addition to special care and treatment.

What other Faberlic products can be used together with iSeul?

iSeul Series does not come in conflict with most Faberlic products, but it is worth mentioning that skin care should in all cases be based on individual needs, skin type and condition.