News-18-2020-460-265Filling with warmth every winter day is so easy! Soft and comfortable Deer women's slippers will keep your feet warm and give a feeling of cosiness. The slippers will become a favourite home accessory for you and your loved ones.

By the way, the product catalogue price is 899 rub.

We are giving Deer women's slippers (TPW020) to everyone who registers with Faberlic from 30 November to 20 December and makes a purchase in period №18/2020.  



To get the gift:

  1. Register on from 30 November to 20 December.
  2. Place and pay for an order of 1699 rub.* or more before 20 December.
  3. From 21 December to 10 January get Deer women's slippers with another order of 1000 rub. or more as a gift (for 1 rub.).
Alsoplace your first order of 1000 rub. or more with Faberlic in the first 24 hours after you register and get another nice surprise - a set of home cosmetics products in mini versions: learn more!

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*Excluding auto-delivery and delivery fees.