Question: In Elena Malysheva’s TV show they told us how to conduct a lead test for lipstick. I have huge doubts about such test... Is it objective? Some clients that have watched this and read about it in mass media, tested lipstick in accordance to this method, and it became darker on the skin.

Expert answer: This test is doubtful as golden ring is an alloy of metals (zinc, copper, cadmium etc.) To confirm lead in the lipstick, you must run atomic spectral analysis.

Its objective is to truly and accurately define elements in the sampled substance. To reach it, the substance is burnt with acids. This is a rather accurate analytical method; such equipment allows to define metal residue to the fourth or fifth decimal place.

Per the Russian GOST 30178-96 standard, maximum acceptable concentration of lead is not more than 5 mg/kg. In our cases lead residue is ten times or hundred times less.

By the way, most botanical and animal products contain lead. The highest concentration of lead is in tea, canned food, fish (for tuna – up to 2.0 mg/kg), clam shells and shellfish (up to 10 mg/kg).