- Is it dangerous for children to use "adult" care cosmetics, such as haircare products?

- All situations are unique. It depends on the age of your child and their needs, so, unfortunately, we cannot give a universal answer for all occasions. In our product line, there are many products that are designed for children and are designed with children's skin and hair in mind. They are completely safe and meet all the requirements for children's cosmetics.

This is a separate product category, which goes through a completely different certification procedure. The parameters are slightly different than that for adult products, which is absolutely justified. Our children's line contains only hypoallergenic fragrances, food colouring, mild surfactants and has textures that are pleasant and fun to use for children.

As for the hair: children's hair is completely healthy in most cases and does not require additional care. If the child’s hair is thin, long or tangles easily, I recommend using "Astronautic" 2 in 1 shampoo-conditioner (art. 2312). There is also another great product in this line – a spray that makes combing hair easy (art. 2314). It can be used on either dry or wet hair, and absolutely does not "overload" children's hair. The product it is based on volatile silicones, which means that they completely evaporate from the surface of the hair after drying.