Question: Can I use fragrances for home as regular perfumes, applying them to the skin, hair or clothes?

Experts answer: Why not! Fragrances for home nowadays are real masterpieces. They are not to be confused with regular air fresheners that are designed to eliminate unpleasant odours. Perfumers create exquisite compositions with complicated structure, trying to please exigent homemakers.

Such compositions include natural and synthetic oils. Fragrances for home, much like ‘human’ fragrances, live within time and space, exponentially discovering their new notes.

If you are planning to use fragrances for home as regular eau de toilette, choose alcohol-based (in spray bottles) and not ether-based (diffuser bottles). Ether is a greasy substance, hard to remove from the body or more so, clothes.
Faberlic product range includes two products that can be applied to the skin: Parfum d’Ambiance Delice Eau de Toilette (3701) with a fruity spicy scent, and Parfum d’Ambiance Romance (3700) with a delicate floral musky scent.

Parfum d’Ambiance Delice (3701) – juicy pear with savoury notes of spices, optimistic hues of dried fruit and warmth of vanilla.

Parfum d’Ambiance Romance (3700) – a mixture of floral essences, subtle notes of almond and warm embrace of hawthorn.

Duration of scents is individual and depends, among all, from your individual characteristics and application density – same as for a regular eau de toilette.