Question: Hello! I heard that there’s a new trend nowadays: perfume wardrobes. Please tell me more about them, and what they are made up of.

The Expert’s Answer: There’s great variety in the world of fragrances today. People have also become more selective about their image, because each day is different than the last: yesterday the main event was a parent meeting, today a party with friends, and tomorrow a big family dinner.

So, should you always use the same scent? No way! With the huge variety of fragrances, it’s easy to choose several different options for all the important events in your life: to make a perfume wardrobe.

“Wear” fragrances that ultimately, like clothes, suit your mood, your plans, or the weather! Spicy, sweet, thick scents are too heavy for the summer, and in the winter, we want to warm up and conjure up “warm” associations: this is the first rule of a perfume wardrobe. After that, divide fragrances into those which will be used in the workplace, at home, on vacation, or on a romantic evening. Determine the fragrance direction for each category, and choose!

Fill your collection with winter and summer, serious and flirtatious, warm and refreshing fragrances—for everyday and for special occasions. Don’t forget to highlight your favorite fragrance, which will be prevalent and which you will use more often than all the others. Don’t act rashly and reject a fragrance that you haven’t even tried: it could be the perfect match for some small corner of your life. Choose a fragrance>>