1. Citizens can become Representatives of Faberlic Incorporated provided they are over age 14 and have a recommendation from a registered Representative (Mentor).

2. A Faberlic Representative may have only one registration number per individual Mentor structure. Family members (parent, brothers, sisters) and spouses may be registered in the company under one Mentor and/or be Mentors for one another.

3. As a Mentor, the Representative does not have the right under any circumstances to invite an already-registered Representative to register in their structure.

4. In the event of repeated registration, the Representative number will be deleted and any data from the deleted number will not be saved. The company reserves the right to fine the Director of the personal group in which the duplicate subscription took place in the amount of 50% of Volume Discounts for the payroll period in which the duplicate subscription occurred.

5. If the Representative does not create a single order (totalling no less than 10 points) over the course of 3 payroll periods starting from the moment of registration, the company reserves the right to delete this number from the database without prior notice.

If the Representative creates a personal order after registration (totalling no less than 10 points), but does not place a single order after that, deletion of this Representative's number may occur after 19 inactive payroll periods.

Representatives in this situation may create a new registration, per standard procedure, in any Mentor's structure as soon as their number has been deleted.

6. The Representative may delete their number from the database by personal application. In this situation, the deleted Representative's structure will be transferred to the next higher Mentor. Activity in the company may be resumed in this case after 19 payroll periods from the deletion of the number from the database.

7. The Representative must respect the direct sales system and not offer Faberlic products through retail outlets or at prices lower than the catalogue prices. In the event of violation of these rules, the company reserves the right to delete the violating Representative's number from the database without prior notice.

8. The Representative has the right to use the Faberlic Network for distribution of the company's advertising and products only. If the Network is used for the distribution of advertising or products of another company, Faberlic reserves the right to apply penalties to the violator up to and including cancellation of their registration number.

9. Representatives must follow all local and federal laws and regulations pertaining to their activity in Faberlic. The company is not responsible for any violation by the Representative of section 9 of these terms.