By pressing “Save”, I give my consent for the following personal data to be included in the “Partner” database of “Faberlic” JSC (4 Nikopolskaya st., Moscow):
Last name, first name, middle name/patronymic, date of birth, delivery address, contact telephone number, e-mail address, data on orders in the database, bonuses and discounts, other details, including personal information in electronic form, as well as collection, accumulation, systematization, storage, refinement, use, distribution (including transfer), anonymization, blocking, deletion, in order to safely and successfully conduct transactions of your orders and payments; realization of services rendered; processing of marketing discounts and awarding of bonuses.

By pressing “Save”, I voluntarily agree to provide the above personal data for public release as part of the “Partner” database. The merged company Faberlic, Edelstar and Infinum guarantees compliance with company rules regarding allocation of personal data solely to mentors when using the “Partner” database.

This consent is valid for an unlimited period of time until revoked by my written notice of revocation to JSC “Faberlic” in any form, unless otherwise specified by the laws of the Russian Federation.