How often do you put beautiful things off for later, comforting yourself with the thought that their hour will definitely come? How long can you keep a new dish set on the shelf, waiting for The Right Moment? How many holidays and romantic evenings were spent without show-stopping decor just because you thought it was too luxurious? Stop postponing your life and add some special details to each day! The new dishes from the Faberlic catalogue, for example, made of transparent coloured glass with a decorative cut.

The dessert bowls will adorn the table of every sweet tooth. They look delightfully harmonious when filled with jam, ice cream, jelly, or even ordinary chocolates. Use them to serve nuts, candies, fruit salad, or homemade cookies.

The water glasses look like small festive goblets! When you look at them, you start to think that there couldn't possibly be anything more delicious than fresh, pure drinking water, and isn't that true? Such an unusual approach to drinking water will surely attract your guests' attention!

The glasses are universal, but of course don't look like your basic run-of-the-mill models you could just pick up at the nearest home goods store. In addition to their intended purposes, use them as decorations: a glass can become a vase for a mini bouquet, or a candlestick for a change.