Each homemaker has their own system in the kitchen – dozens of useful habits, skills, and secrets. And many of them share their best practices! Try the new product from the designer series of kitchen accessories from actress and TV presenter Julia Vysotskaya to get nothing but pleasure from cooking delicious dishes!

The set of cutting boards (11679) features four flexible plastic surfaces for preparing different types of food products and a strong wooden board with anti-slip feet. The bright colors and simple markings help you instantly grab the right board for its intended purpose – for meat, fish, poultry, or vegetables.

The wooden board can be used for cutting bread or preparing pastries, as well as a stand for a hot dish. Store the plastic boards inside the wooden one – it's convenient and compact. Use these accessories according to their markings to eliminate cross-contamination of foods – cook quickly and accurately à la Faberlic by Julia Vysotskaya!