Feel confident in the most exciting moments! Nobody wants to be distracted by details when spending some alone time with someone close to you: your feelings are at the forefront. The Storie d’Amore Series is a collection of delicate hygienic products with aphrodisiacs and a rich, floral-spicy fragrance.

The series now includes a gift box set (8845) which contains two popular body skin care products. Order this new product for just 229 roubles:

- aphrodisiac shower gel delicately cleanses skin, surrounds you with an airy cloud of foam, and leaves an exciting floral fragrance with a passionate spicy chord;

- body milk is quickly absorbed into skin. Use right after a shower to enhance the effect.

The most romantic new products in the catalogue are presented by TV presenter and producer Elena Letuchaya along with her husband Yuriy Anashenkov.