How do you get rid of unpleasant odours in the house, car, or workplace? Neutralize them! The new Faberlic Home series product helps you deal with smells at the source so they do not come back.

Spray Neutralizer (11287) removes any strong and unpleasant odours from the air and surfaces. It neutralizes the odour source at the molecular level, making it simply cease to exist! In addition, the spray quickly refreshes and moisturizes the air, so you can use it in any room.

This new product will handle the odours of damp and sewage in the bathroom, and help banish the odours of garlic, fish, raw meat, spices, and residual food from the kitchen. Don't forget to spray the garbage bin and everywhere your pet likes to spend time!

In the car, the spray neutralizer will help get rid of the stubborn smell of tobacco smoke, as well as clean dust, tiny wool hairs, exhaust gases, and unpleasant street smells from the air. It can also make any smell less intense—use it when you are carrying strong-smelling groceries, accidentally put on too much perfume, or just don't like the air freshener in your car anymore.