Walk your favourite routes or explore unknown paths? This summer you'll find everything for active holidays, because Faberlic now has an updated footwear selection!

Men's lightweight sneakers were created using seamless technology: the breathable top is entirely seamless. The risk of calluses and irritation is almost zero, which means that you can go for even longer walks! The unlined model with light PVC outer soles is so light you won't even feel them on your feet.

Fan of classic style? Dark blue or black sneakers with textured detailing are just the thing for you! Laces plus extra ankle support give you the perfect fit.

And if you combine new technology with a new form, you'll get everything at once: Full. That's what we called our seamless lace-up sneakers, unlined and with durable soles. And for boys, there's the Maxi: we added a fantastical design to the light upper, but stayed within the traditional colour palette. For girls we have incredibly summery models, with smooth uppers in pale pink or lemon-yellow.