If your look lacks that final touch, consider jewellery! Add a bit of shine, and even a serious office look will turn into an example of elegance.
A small piece of shine will dispel the February melancholy. Look for the shining jewellery set that's perfect for you in the Faberlic catalogue and delight in the spring mood. We found something you'll like!

Golden shine and silver glow, tricks of the light in transparent crystals, or the soft play of metallic lights - classic jewellery fits any look, no matter the style. Wear pieces as a set or alone, or combine with chains, bracelets, and rings from your collection.

Do you need a feminine accent? Try earrings with pink crystals. Do you want to emphasize your individuality and catch attention? Wear larger jewellery featuring transparent jewellery resin! Looking for practical earrings for every day? Try round stud earrings with a golden metallic shine.

Each set comes in a special gift box!