Carboxytherapy is a super popular beauty salon procedure. It involves a dose of carbon dioxide delivered under the skin. Your body interprets the increased concentration of CO2 in the tissue as a lack of oxygen. This causes increased blood circulation in the desired part of your body or face and saturation of your skin with O2. As a result, cells begin to restore more quickly, inflammation is reduced, lymph drainage is enhanced, your skin tone improves, and your skin becomes more elastic. The procedure is designed for remedial or preventive purposes.

Faberlic offers you our own non-invasive version of carboxytherapy. It is an excellent alternative to the salon version, and completely painless. We recommend doing it 1-2 times a week for sustainable results.

Moisturizing Balm softens the stratum corneum at skin's surface and removes dead skin cells. Works only when paired with CO2 Activating Gel applied over it. Remove both products after 5-10 minutes with a wipe or water. The saturation of your skin with CO2 activates microcirculation, blood supply to tissues increases, and cells get extra oxygen.

The final stage is an Oxygen Mask. By the way, you can do one every single day as a separate beauty procedure. It helps increase local microcirculation, softens and moisturizes skin, and saturates cells with oxygen.