Try new Faberlic Home series products for laundry. Due to the high concentration of active components, each pack lasts a long time. They don't irritate your skin, they wash out completely, and, of course, they do their job flawlessly!

Use fabric softener and say goodbye to unpleasant odours in your wardrobe, hard towels, and static electricity that's so hard to avoid with synthetic fabrics.

- Sensitive ultra fabric softener is suitable for children's clothes 0+. It prevents irritation on soft skin and makes fabrics silky.

- Colour and Fibre Protection ultra fabric softener has a special biocomponent that prevents pilling, fuzz, and discoloration.

- Orchid and Cashmere and Scents of Provence, ultra fabric softeners with aroma capsules that activate when in motion, will give your clothes a subtle aroma and long-lasting freshness.

Concentrated Washing Gels with active formulas remove spread dirt and complicated stains, gently care for fabrics, and protect against the effects of hard water impact while preserving fibres and colour.

- Concentrated Washing gel for colours protects against fading.

- Concentrated Washing gel for darks restores intense colour and prevents discoloration.

- Concentrated Washing gel for whites restores whiteness and prevents against greying.

- Concentrated Washing gel for special fabrics is recommended for wool, silk, complex and membrane fabrics, lace, fleece, microfiber, treated fabrics, and down parkas. It gently cleans delicate fibres and helps remove tough dirt. Maintains the functional features of modern athletic materials.

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