Need something to do when you're bored? We have a beauty idea! Three shimmering Instaglammers masks will add some fun to your routine and boost your mood, and the same goes for your social media followers. Plus, the Max beauty AV complex with aloe vera amino acids, and hyaluronic acid moisturizes skin and leaves you feeling fresh. Do some self-care, take a selfie, get likes and comments, and attract even more followers!

The shimmering pigment in Instaglammers masks reflects light and is made of all-natural components so it's Mother Nature-approved: polymer-free and won't harm the environment. You can apply the mask over your eyebrows - it won't ruin your freshly-styled brows!

Choose silver, gold, or purple to suit your mood. They're far out! Silver for when you're feeling creative, gold when you want to swim in luxury, and purple for the boldest. You can even combine them on your skin to turn your beauty routine into a real work of modern art.