Tooth enamel can start to weaken and become more sensitive due to bad habits, health problems, poor diet, or improper oral care. It demineralizes, and your teeth become more vulnerable to cavities and decay faster.

There is a new product for strengthening enamel in the Expert Pharma series: hermetic gel with Omyadent active complex, Novaftem O2® oxygen complex, and calcium.

Omyadent active complex contains a synthesized equivalent to hydroxyapatite, the main component of bone tissue and hard tissues of the teeth. It penetrates into damaged areas and seals them, acting like a filling. With regular use of the hermetic gel, enamel is restored and becomes lighter and smoother, plus tooth hypersensitivity and the likelihood of cavities decrease.

For fastest results, use the hermetic gel twice a day, after each time you brush your teeth. Spread it over the entire surface of your teeth with a cotton swab or dry brush, then rinse your mouth out after half an hour. For preventative treatment, use the product 1–2 times a week.