When the sun goes down and dusk begins, delicate buds of moonflower magically bloom. This is the embodiment of tenderness and womanhood, mystery, and femininity.

LUNICA is a series of products for intimate hygiene based on moonflower and prebiotics. The products' pleasant and silky textures plus the subtle floral fragrance provide gentle cleansing, moisturizing, and long-lasting comfort. All products in the series help maintain a healthy microbiome balance in intimate areas, stimulating the growth of beneficial microflora.

Intimate cleansing creamy gel
This soft creamy gel gently cleanses and helps ensure a healthy balance of the intimate area microbiome. Provides unmatched freshness and keeps you reliably protected the whole day long.

Intimate cleansing hydrophilic oil
This fragrant oil gently cleanses intimate areas and restores skin's natural moisture balance. The product can be evenly applied to dry skin and turns into a soft emulsion in contact with water. The oil easily washes off and provides a long-lasting feeling of comfort.

Intimate care spray veil
This light spray with a pleasant texture will give your skin freshness, moisturize it, and provide gentle care, leaving a weightless floral fragrance behind. Apply to lingerie or skin—no need to rinse off.

Intimate care cream
A perfect product for delicate care for the gentle skin of intimate areas. The cream provides long-lasting hydration, softens your skin, and keeps you comfortable, plus removes unpleasant odors. Has a lightening effect.