Global Oxygen is the next generation of oxygen cosmetics that activates an endless source of energy for self-renewal. Faberlic has implemented Never Stop Energy future technology to activate skin cells. Never Stop Energy is based on unique components:

Patented oxygen complex Novaftem-O₂® increases oxygen quantities in just minutes after application and ensures extended delivery to the deepest layers of your skin. It awakens your skin, restoring and supporting microcirculation.

Key detoxifiers vitamin C and glutathione cleanse intracellular space and, as a result, support healthy skin ecology while more efficiently transforming oxygen into energy. They also protect against ultraviolet radiation, light from screens, ozone, and environmental toxins. Stabilize cell operations, even when you're under stress.

The new Global Oxygen product series increases cell energy, erases signs of fatigue and stress, makes skin more toned, activates collagen and other protein synthesis, activating self-renewal and rejuvenation processes.