Trust the preparation process for this heartwarming event to this new assistant from Faberlic.
Faberlic electric kettles will not only be perfect helpers in your kitchen, but will also stylishly match any interior design style. The device is made from high-quality and safe materials, lasts up to 15,000 working cycles, and is equipped with an English STRIX double controller. This controller is the most important part of the kettle, responsible for automatic shutdown after boiling. If you accidentally forget to add water and turn on the kettle, it will shut off automatically after a few seconds.

The kettle rotates freely 360 degrees on the base, and also has a convenient compartment for storing the power cord. The Faberlic electric kettle makes a wonderful purchase or gift – choose between 2 models: an elegant glass teapot with an LED indicator, or an understated stainless steel teapot.