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Weight: 85 g, Quantity/Volume: 100 mL

Ancient civilizations lead you into a labyrinth of thousand-year-old secrets, symbols and relics. But one artifact attracts more attention than others. Many breathtaking adventures have led you to it. The Eye of Horus is an amulet that contains limitless power. And having revealed its secret, you clearly see the path to hundreds of others.

Direction: fresh mineral-woody aroma.

Aquatic notes with accents of petitgrain and pineapple send you on a search for a priceless amulet. A bright mineral chord, echoing resinous echo of elemi, draws you into whirlwind of events, and a decisive trail of white wood, styrax and vetiver becomes your compass, helping you achieve your goal.

Olfactory pyramid
Top notes: petitgrain, pineapple, aquatic notes.
Heart notes: mineral accord, elemi.
Base notes: white wood, styrax, vetiver, oakmoss.

Declaration of Conformity

Shelf life: 5 years from the date of manufacture indicated on the package

Made for JSC Faberlic, located at 4, Nikolopolskaya str., Moscow, Russia.
Made in:: Russia

Alcohol denat., Aqua, Parfum, Linalool, Limonene, Citral, Geraniol.

How to apply fragrance correctly?

The aroma smells best where the blood pulses:

  • wrist joint (where we measure the pulse);
  • elbow joint (inner side);
  • behind the ears.

Hair holds the scent well, so you can spray it on your neck and back of your head.

How to choose a scent?

Rule 1. Don't try many scents at once. Get to know 3-4 aromas, then you won’t get confused by them and will be able to remember the smell.

Rule 2. Do not spray fragrance from the bottle into the cap. Try not to smell the scent directly from the bottle or sampler. Apply it to a blotter or a clean handkerchief. Having chosen the scent you like in this way, be sure to apply it to your skin to understand how it “lives” on your skin. The same scent can smell completely different on you and your friend.

Rule 3. Don't buy a fragrance based on the very first impression. Walk with it a little, wait for the heart notes (after 15-30 minutes), which will accompany you throughout the day after the most volatile top notes have faded, and only then make your choice.

Rule 4. Consider weather, climate and situational factors. Remember that fragrances spread more intensely in moist, warm air than in cold, dry air. Lighter scents are universal, but bright and rich compositions will not always be appropriate in the office or on the beach.

Rule 5. Make the process of choosing a scent a pleasure. A good mood is your best advisor.

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Gulbonu H.
пахнет но не сильно может быть в лет ом пахнет нормально запах слабый 🔕
Elena K.
Не держится совсем, хоть облейся им!!!
Oksana Z.
Шикарный аромат. Бомба.
Vladimir G.
Vyacheslav F.
Здравствуйте мне очень понравилось новинка от Фаберлик новый Парфюм Артефакт ненавязчивый запах так держать
Natal'ya V.
Запах обалденный, возьму на подарочки ещё, брала без пробника артифакт очень понравился, спасибо
Eldəniz Ə.
Хороший запах, остаётся на одежде, но такого шлейва за собой особого нету
Roman M.
Аромат шикарный,ничем не хуже люкса .Рекомендую всем
Marha M.
Не передать словами ,вам лучше заказать ,чтобы потом не пожалеть ,что раньше не заказали ,это не просто аромат это чудо аромат ,мне он очень понравился,моим сыновьям мужу тоже 😍😍рекомендую !
Elena Z.
Жодино г.
Водичка просто находка на лето,запах свежих цитрусов.Очень понравился аромат и мне и мужу.
Railya V.
Аромат очень понравился мужу.Свежий...думаю всем подойдет,бомбический аромат.Планирую ещё заказать,подарить близким.
Lidiya B.
Очень понравился, буду брать.
Ağa M.
Mükemmel Sadece🤌🏻😍
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