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Molecular Force - dietary supplements designed to provide comprehensive health support across body systems. All formulas in the series are enhanced with the BioPerine® component - a patented black pepper fruit extract that increases bioavailability of active substances.
Blockpain Dietary Supplement stimulates immune response to inflammation, has an additional antipyretic effect, reduces intensity of inflammatory processes in body and severity of pain.

  • Has a complex anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect on body
  • Helps reduce discomfort in joints and muscles
  • Provides additional support for illnesses associated with fever
  • 60 capsules 560 mg each

Oligopeptane is an effective natural anti-inflammatory agent obtained from natural milk protein using enzymatic hydrolysis technology. This biotechnological product is an analogue of natural anti-inflammatory peptides. It is effective for any diseases accompanied by an increase in the intensity of inflammatory reactions. For example, in complex therapy of diseases of the musculoskeletal system (arthritis, arthrosis, rheumatism, gout and others).

Martinia fragrant lowers the level of bad cholesterol in blood due to the presence of natural plant sterols - betasterols. Moreover, their absorption into bloodstream from intestine does not occur.

Boswellia extract has a pronounced anti-inflammatory effect, helps strengthen and restore walls of blood vessels, thereby facilitating blood access to areas of damage, and softens signs of inflammation in arthritis.

Willow bark extract has a regulating effect on all three stages of inflammation. The main effect is anti-alterative. Willow extract can reduce the volume and severity of damage, thereby increasing resistance and speeding up healing. Relieves joint swelling, redness, feeling of heat and helps eliminate pain, including rheumatism.

Swamp cinquefoil has anti-inflammatory, analgesic, regenerating and antibacterial properties, and has a general strengthening effect. Helps restore the basic functions of joints, has a pronounced anti-inflammatory effect in patients with rheumatoid and reactive arthritis, helps relieve pain, muscle tension and swelling of the joints. Under the influence of cinquefoil, the body naturally forms and maintains the structure of cartilage tissue, ensures its strength and elasticity, and restores the composition of synovial fluid.

Yucca filamentous has a pronounced anti-inflammatory effect, helps reduce pain and joint tension.

Rutin normalizes and maintains the structure, elasticity, function and permeability of blood vessels, prevents their sclerotic damage, and helps maintain normal blood pressure. It exhibits anti-inflammatory and antiallergic effects, promotes vasodilation, and has an anti-edematous and mild antispasmodic effect.


and biologically active substances

Contents in daily dose

(2 capsules)

% of Adequate Daily Intake for Adults*

Martinia fragrant extract

160.0 mg



100.0 mg


Boswellia extract

Bosvelic acids

80.0 mg

52.0 mg


Willow bark extract

Salicin content

50.0 mg

13.0 mg


Sabelnik extract

50.0 mg




15.7 mg

15.0 mg


Black pepper (Piper nigrum) fruit extract standardized for piperine content (95%) (BioPerine®)

5.0 mg


1Adequate level of daily consumption in accordance with Appendix 5 of the Uniform Sanitary-Epidemiological and Hygienic Requirements for Goods Subject to Sanitary-Epidemiological Surveillance (Control) of the EAEU.

BioPerine® is a registered trademark of Sabinsa Corporation.

Halal Certificate

Declaration of Conformity

Shelf life: 2 years from the date of manufacture indicated on the package

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Made in:: Russia

Martinia fragrant extract, oligopeptane, boswellia extract, willow bark extract, cinquefoil extract, yucca extract, rutin, bioperine. Excipients: hard gelatin capsule (gelatin (carrier), glycerin (water-retaining agent), calcium carbonate (carrier), microcrystalline cellulose (carrier), calcium stearate (anti-caking agent).

Adults: 1 capsule 2 times a day with meals. Duration of treatment – 1 month.

Contraindications: individual intolerance to components, pregnancy, breastfeeding. It is recommended to consult a doctor before use.

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Tat'Yana S.
Летняя Ставка
Просто в приятном шоке от этого препарата, болит давно левая нога, защемление нерва седалищного и тазобедренный сустав беспокоит. Начала пить - сразу облегчение, пропила 2 недели, удивлению нет предела: я стала нормально ходить, работать, и после нагрузок сплю спокойно, ночью нога не беспокоит. Допью баночку, сделаю перерыв, попью Артро форте и опять возьму эту. Надо бы писать еще, с какими перерывами можно пить, и можно ли на постоянной основе
Anna Z.
Очень хорошие, у меня артрит, руки, плечо, тазобедренный сустав, и облегчение с первого применения я почувствовала, утром я просыпалась с болью, руки скованные и прпухлость, сегодня встала, без болей, рекомендую к покупке
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