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This highly economical ultra-fabric conditioner is an indispensable addition to every wash and a real boon for people with sensitive, irritation-prone and atopic skin*!

The soft caring formula and the complex action of a special lipid additive gives linen and clothing extraordinary softness and silkiness. The conditioner envelops and restores fabric fibers, eliminates fluffiness, preventing irritation of delicate skin.

Improves the absorbency of terry and cotton fabrics, bathrobes, bed linen and towels, diapers, and clothing.

Delicate powdery hypoallergenic scent
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by Dermatest Gmbh (Germany) international institute

SUPERCONCENTRATE – 30 washes in 1 bottle

  • Dermatologically approved for sensitive skin
  • Intensive fabric softening
  • Improves absorbency of fabrics
  • Restores fibers
  • Eliminates lint, protects delicate skin from chafing from hard fibers and fabric creases
  • Makes it easier to iron dry laundry and thick fabrics
  • Removes static electricity
  • Preservespermeability and “breathable” propertiesof fabric fibers
  • Light hypoallergenic aroma of purity and freshness
  • Recommendedfor washing kids' clothes 0+
  • Guarantees economical consumption: 1 bottle is designed for 30 washes!
  • Biodegradable
  • Does not contain phosphates and dyes
  • Suitable for houses with septic tanks
  • Tested and approved under the Halal system
  • Smell freeon dry laundry

The result of using ultra-conditioner: linen and clothes wrinkle less, are easy to iron, remain fresh much longer and delight you with a pleasant aroma and gentle touch.

Environmentally friendly composition:

  • ADerivative of esters of natural fatty acids (CPAS) actively softens and restores fabric fibers after exposure to water and detergent, eliminates static electricity
  • NSAIDs based on sucrose and palm oil (a unique additive identical to human skin lipids) improves absorbency of fabric and increases protective barrier of sensitive skin
  • A special organic polymer improves absorption and preserves breathability of modern synthetic and natural fabrics, maintains protective and moisture-wicking properties of sports materials
  • Hypoallergenic composition of fragrant substancesremoves unpleasant smells and gives things a delicate aroma
  • Mineral salt (calcium chloride) maintains necessary liquid consistency of the product, optimal for use in the washing machine
  • Biodegradable preservativeprevents development of harmful microorganisms

When stored correctly, ultraconditioner has a liquid consistency, similar in viscosity to milk.

*Dermatological safety has been tested by Dermatest Gmbh (Germany) international institute and confirmed for sensitive and atopic skin.

Halal Certificate

Certificate of state registration

Dermatest Certificate

Shelf life: 24 months from the date of manufacture indicated on the package

Made for JSC Faberlic, located at 4, Nikolopolskaya str., Moscow, Russia.
Made in:: Russia

More than 30% – water, 5-15% – surfactants, less than 5%: non-surfactants based on sucrose and palm oil, organic polymer, calcium chloride, hypoallergenic fragrance, preservative.

Shake the bottle vigorously before use. Avoid direct contact of the concentrated product with fabric.

Add the amount of conditioner indicated in the table:

For machine washing -

into the compartment of washing machine specially designed for rinse aid (see the instructions for the washing machine).

For hand washing -

into a bowl of water during the final rinse and mix thoroughly. Soak the laundry in the resulting solution for 3 minutes. After this, wring out the laundry and dry it.

Dosage table

инструкция 30856

Precautions: Keep out of the reach of children. Use as directed. Attention! Avoid getting the product into your eyes, and if this happens, rinse them immediately with water. May cause irritation in case of contact with skin. After use for hand washing or in case of contact with damaged skin, wash your hands thoroughly. If your skin is sensitive or your hands are damaged, use rubber gloves. May be harmful if swallowed. If accidentally swallowed, rinse mouth with water. If you feel unwell, seek medical help, taking the package (label) with you.

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