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Each certificate is packed in an envelope with a blank space on the reverse side for the Representative’s contact details. Certificate activation policy is inside the envelope.

If you want to give FABERLIC GIFT CERTIFICATE to your friends or relatives:  

1. Choose the nominal value and order the certificate from your Representative, just like any other item from Faberlic catalogue.

2. Before giving the certificate as a gift, make sure you put the name and contact phone number of Faberlic Representative on the envelope, so that the certificate holder knows with whom to contact in order to use the gift.

If you got FABERLIC CERTIFICATE as a gift:

1. You may purchase products from Faberlic catalogue to the certificate’s nominal value.

2. In order to do shopping with the gift certificate, give it to Faberlic Representative as a payment.

How to use the certificate, if you are a buyer?

1. You may use the certificate to pay for any items from Faberlic catalogue which is effective on the purchase date. The items may be bought at the price specified in the catalogue and in the amount shown on the front side of the certificate in roubles (nominal value).

2. In order to do shopping with the certificate, choose items from Faberlic catalogue and give the certificate to your Representative as a payment. Representative’s contact details are specified on the envelope.

3. To activate the certificate, there is no need to hand it over to your Representative; just tell the number and activation code.

4. In case the phone number specified on the envelope does not answer, leave you details in section “I am not a Representative, want to buy”. 

In case nobody calls you back during two days, you can write to This e-mail address is being protected from spam. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . Make sure the letter contains your details (name, phone number, city and country).

5. The gift certificate may be used only once; please check that the total cost of your items corresponds to the certificate’s nominal value. In case the order price is less than the nominal value, the difference is not compensated. In case the order price exceeds the nominal value, you can pay the difference to your Representative.

6. The gift certificate may not be returned or exchanged (except for cases when defects in the certificate, envelope or protective coat on the activation code prevent or make it impossible to use the certificate as intended). It is not allowed to exchange the certificate for the corresponding money equivalent.

7. Gift certificates are valid for an unlimited time and may be used only to pay for products from Faberlic catalogue which is effective on the territory of the Russian Federation. Upon the expiry of the validity period, the certificate is deemed to be annulled.

How to use the certificate if you are a Representative?

In order to use the gift certificate given to you by the customer as an order payment, please activate it in your Personal Profile at

To learn more about the gift certificate use and activation policy and read answers to frequently asked questions, go to «Business/ News/ Catalogue Info».