vkus-bannerHere is good news for everyone who lives a healthy lifestyle and watches the waistline! Faberlic’s assortment has expanded to comprise the food products that help to lose weight and feature many other advantages as part of the body weight management program.

We have asked Galina Kuznetsova – the founder of Sengara trademark and a famous business trainer – to tell us about the latest global trends, healthy properties of the new products and ways of using them.

Faberlic.com: Galina, why did you become interested in food products?

Galina Kuznetsova: A year ago, when we just started the new production of healthy food products, I tasted the flax porridge for the first time. Flax came into trend then, and from that time on, its popularity has been growing. Apart from being a mine of useful ingredients, it is both food and medicine, as Avicenna said.

I’ve come back from Switzerland recently. While on the journey, I saw huge blue fields and first thought it was lavender. But later I was told that it was flax which now covers the major part of agricultural land in Switzerland and France. It is produced in various forms, such as dry seeds, capsules and even snack bars that are served in airplanes. Flax is the latest trend of the modern world. People are moving in this direction, because the valuable properties of this product have been discovered and studied. Flax-based food products are now widely produced in France; the other countries have not introduced this practice yet. We’ve decided that it would be great to offer to our customers an opportunity to get this excellent product and help them solve healthy nutrition and excess weight issues in maximum convenient form.

Faberlic.com: What are the useful properties of flax?

Galina Kuznetsova: First of all, it improves the gastrointestinal process, which lays the basis both for proper weight and overall health of a human body. Flax contains two types of fibers – those that are absorbed to deliver mineral nutrients, and those that accumulate and remove waste from the body. Flax is now the most effective and probably the only way to avoid taking laxatives and bring the intestinal motility in order.

What are the other reasons for flax being of the great interest for the whole world? Because it enables people to stay away from artificial hormones. Flax contains lignans that improve the endocrine profile both for men (through the increase of testosterone level) and women (by solving problems that arise during climax and pubertal growth period). The secret is that phytohormones, as opposed to artificial hormones, are absolutely safe: the body takes the required amount thereof and uses them in accordance with age, sex and health status.

In addition, flax is known for its ability to ease anxiety and relieve stress. It contains vitamin A (we usually get it from protein), vitamins E and B (they are injected in case of emotional disorders). All of my friends and relatives have noticed that the new products made me calm and even-tempered. I stopped worrying about the problems that used to evoke stress. Now I simply settle them without wasting time for unnecessary negative emotions.

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Faberlic.com: Are there any cooking secrets that might be relevant for flax products? Most customers would definitely compare them with the traditional fast food in terms of taste and cooking method.

Galina Kuznetsova: Exactly, and this is the main thing that our Representatives should teach their clients. One of the difficulties in flax production is proper grinding, and it took us a long time to get the required seed size, because the use and success of the weight management program depends on that. The second secret is cooking. The product tastes good in case everything is done right. If not, your clients are highly likely to be dissatisfied with the outcome.

Everyone who have tasted flax products before, usually hold prejudice against them, saying that they are vapid. When at the training sessions, I usually ask the audience: who have tasted flax? As a rule, there are at least ten persons each time, and they are of the same mind: it is impossible to eat flax. For example, one of the Representatives – Lena Moiseeva – agreed to taste the product only after Nastya Gordeeva did it. Later she said that it was not in any way similar to the traditional flax porridge, and she would readily eat kilograms of this food! It is not the junk food that is full of flavoring agents and artificial colorants. Our target is different. As opposed to the traditional fast food that has been designed to still hunger (it does not matter what you eat, the main target is to fill the stomach), our products are different and useful. Moreover, we have worked on the taste, even though it was not easy. Each of us has a lot of taste habits. For instance, the food products that we used to eat in the childhood seem to be particularly tasty. But as soon as we get a new habit, the useful food tastes better day by day, and you see the difference between its natural taste and the imitation. Try the new products and see that yourself!

When at the seminars, I always explain and show how to make porridge and soup properly. We’ve got used to fast food in the mugs that need to be filled with boiling water. A Representative must show how to brew instant products and make sure that the audience tastes them. In case a person initially fails to do it properly, doesn’t like the taste and on top of that doesn’t know anything about the use of the product, they are barely likely to get back to it. The statistics show that customers like the new products, if we demonstrate how to brew them, and don’t like anything in the absence of the demonstration.

You may use boiling water just for the sake of curiosity, in order to check the quality of the product. The good-quality and useful flax generates a lot of thick slime that displeases most customers. The slime results from the shrinkage of lecithin that is of great use for the human organism. The water temperature should not exceed 70 degrees. First time, I recommend to make the product liquid: 150 ml of boiling water and 150 ml of cold water. Add the instant porridge or soup to the water (not vice versa) and let it brew for some time. Next time make the product as thick as you like it: the thickness is of no importance for the useful properties.

Faberlic.com: How did you manage to achieve the good taste of the products without using any flavoring agents?

Galina Kuznetsova: Taste is our know-how. We’ve held a tender, and many companies were eager to get the right to manufacture our products. Finally, we managed to achieve the desired taste without any chemical substances. There were no problems with cacao and vanilla: we added them in pure form. As concerns other ingredients, we dried them using a special method (the so-called spray drying) to preserve the maximum volume of useful components.

Faberlic.com: What is the role played by Faberlic Taste products in the weight management program?

Galina Kuznetsova: These are the complete products that enable us to eat less and gradually reduce the volume of stomach that is usually stretched. Speaking of the program, its main target is to help you reduce the body weight without stress and nervous breakdowns. You can eat anything that you like. The most important thing is to have meals regularly and add our products to your menu. Whenever you feel hungry, just drink an instant soup or eat porridge, wait for 10 minutes and treat yourself with anything that you like, including chocolate and buns. The secret is that flax expands in the stomach and creates the sense of fullness. As soon as this effect is achieved, you won’t eat much: your body will signal how much it needs. The only thing that we recommend to stay away from during the weight management program is the sweet fizzy drinks.

Moreover, our program has a unique product called Eatless. Its target is to reduce appetite. Eatless is formulated with konjak, which single molecule is capable of absorbing up to 30 water molecules to create the food bolus in your stomach and make you drink a lot of clean water, which is also part of our strategy. According to standard weight management programs, it is allowed to each one glass of food only, but that tempts the appetite and evokes stress. We suggest that you fill the stomach with good-quality and useful product before the meal. Apart from other benefits, konjak coats and hydrates the stomach lining and heals small wounds on its surface.

When we feel hungry, we need both to fill the stomach and get glucose. Porridge and soups are the complete food products that contain pectin. It signals glucose intake to the organism. The caloric value per serving is enough for 2.5-3 hours. This is not just light, but also wholesome food.

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Faberlic.com: It might be that many mothers would like to replace the traditional baby food with your soups and porridges. Is that possible and how old the kids should be?

Galina Kuznetsova: You can do it as soon as the child turns three, provided they like the products. When I visited my friend in Switzerland, I offered the flax porridge to her 4-year daughter who was on a strict diet. I showed how to brew the product properly and asked her to choose any taste that she liked. Now the child eats it with great pleasure. Children know intuitively what kind of food is useful. Just watch your little one selecting products in the refrigerator and you will see that they do not limit themselves to sweets only. Children are sure to choose and like healthy products, given that you don’t force them to eat. Our porridges and soups do not contain any bad ingredients. Don’t forget to check the composition though: for example, if you are allergic to mushrooms, do not eat the mushroom soup.

Faberlic.com: Tell us about the tea bags. Many companies produce similar products using the so-called “tea dust” that is easy to brew, but in fact, it is the waste of tea industry. Are there any alternatives?

Galina Kuznetsova: Of course, it is simply enough to grind high-quality tea leaves into fine fraction. Many manufacturers tend to economize on that. To make sure that our tea is free from dust, look at the bag in the light. You will see the fine fraction – special type of tea blending. It is the complete product that is absolutely identical to the large-leaf tea in terms of qualities. It does not contain any flavoring agents and colorants, because the excellent taste is achieved through careful selection and proper proportion of dry leaves, flowers and berries.

Faberlic.com: How do other products fit together with the weight management program?

Galina Kuznetsova: To purify the stomach and ensure successful implementation of the program, add Bifilac Active yogurt to your daily menu. We are very proud of this product: it delivers impressive results even with elderly people who cannot take laxatives. Here is a recipe of a healthy mix: take fresh herbs, cut them and mash to force the juice out, add a tablespoon of olive oil and our yogurt. You may also add berries and fruits. Someone uses Bifilac to make okroshka, the others like to blend it with protein cocktails. In any case, it is a useful and tasty product to complete your diet and make it balanced.

Faberlic.com: What new products are expected to join the Faberlic Taste collection?

Galina Kuznetsova: We are planning to expand the currently existing range with minimum 7 soups and 7 types of porridge, so that you are able to eat a new one each day of the week. The product line will include Mediterranean soup with crabs and prawns, pumpkin and cheese soups, tomato soup with sweet basil… In addition, the program will be extended with buckwheat kissels formulated with prebiotics and mineral nutrients. As concerns flavors, we are planning to introduce apple (with ferrum, copper and cobalt to increase the hemoglobin level), berries (with selenium) and cherry (with zinc and chrome).

Faberlic.com: What results did you personally achieve with the weight management program?

Galina Kuznetsova: The program should be implemented in three stages that last six weeks in aggregate, and there is a good reason for that. Speaking of my personal experience, I realized that flax-based products are an absolute must during the first two weeks. Taste habits change, making you feel thirsty and drink more water. The body weight starts decreasing by the end of the second week. At the beginning of the third week I realized that I was two sizes smaller, even though I kept travelling on business and attending tableful banquets and birthday parties. It was not about the kilograms, but about the body measurements. I managed to get into all of my favorite dresses! The excess fat disappears in the first turn from the most problematic areas – hips, belly and back. The body shape becomes smoother, making you look slimmer.

In addition, about ten days upon the beginning of the program you will be pleasantly surprised with your complexion, skin texture, hair and nails. Everyone who has experience with our program says that good results are not slow in coming. It is a good chance to get both healthy food and beauty products!

Interview: Anna Tsvetkova

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