sun-home-4No weather change can change your great mood. What is really important is to be ready to show your creativity and not to be afraid to modify something.

1. Add yellow textile

Light spots, full of life energy make your interior really bright. Yellow cushions, table lamps, photo frames, tablecloths and drapes instantly transform your room.

Don’t go overboard – just few items. Yellow details will look especially spectacular combined with green, turquoise or brown interior.

2. Fill the room with citrus smell

A vase with oranges or tangerines acts double ways: as a bright colour spot and as an air freshener. You can leave fruit behind – use the Water Spray Air Freshener with citrus smell. The product not only fills the air with pleasant odours but also cleans it from dust.

3. Make your glass and mirrors shine

Dazzling shine of freshly washed glass is a sign of spring that we know since we were children. Just clean up the windows, mirror cabinets and all glass elements to feel that your house is smiling!


4. Decorate your house with your favourite pictures from vacations

Of course, the best thing in your vacation is the trace it leaves in your memory. Bright pictures will recall the happiest moments, and the day when everything was perfect will never end!

5. Bring flowers

You don’t need to use roses, lilies or tulips – create a free bouquet from wild flowers, delicate dandelions or blossoming plants in a pot.

6. Don’t be afraid of white

Light interiors always look stunning and glowing from inside. Beige or milky tablecloths, ceiling lamps and furniture capture the tiniest rays of light and reflect it to gill the room with shine. In order not to be concerned about the white, use the product range for quick cleansing. White handmade details will make the room even cozier!