festa-1Your love to certain fragrance notes speaks about your character not less than your dressing style, manner to speak or social network.

So what does your favourite fragrance tell about you? Let’s find out!

Oriental notes are a choice of artistic, intelligent, responsive and reasonable persons. Accuracy is also one of their traits, as well as traditionalism. Fragrances with notes of amber, vanilla and spices tell that the woman prefers classic style, knows the best way to match clothing items and always looks elegant. She is inclined to art and likes to surprise people with creative but reasonable solutions. Ladies fond of ginger, cinnamon and sandalwood are sensual and like travelling.

Floral fragrances are the most popular family of scents. If you love rose, freesia, gardenia and jasmine, know – you have a streak to swing from one extreme to another, you are fond of luxury, social and like to decorate your life with bright events. You are good at housekeeping and always seek the ways to add coziness and warmth to your home. You are a pleasant company and, despite your compulsive personality, a good friend.

Fruit scents tells about your easygoing nature and your taste for communicating with people. If your favourite fragrances contain notes of melon, leach, watermelon, tropical fruits, you are good in romantics, have a streak to adventure and easily find new friends. You enjoy your life and feel great in a team, at the heart of it all. You easily take initiative at making new friends and like to attract attention, you are fond of sports and will never refuse to go to a swinging party.


Fresh scent with ocean notes tells about reserved nature, dislike of excessive decoration, inner independence and original creativity. If you prefer sea breeze notes you value your freedom, like minimalistic style and are always self-assured. Ambitions are combined with consistency and determination.

Wood scents are a choice of elegant and careful ladies. They are never missed in a crowd and have a strong sense of style. Sandalwood, cedar and other typically masculine notes speak of ability to choose alternative, unbeaten tracks. Those who love wood compositions keep calm in the most difficult situations – their knowledge helps them.

Citrus notes are for disciplined, structured and dynamic people. Their decisions are well-argued; they always make thorough analysis of the situation before taking important steps. Plans mean a lot for citrus lovers, they tend to perfection in everything.