Night-creamQuestion: how do night creams work? Is it possible to enhance their action?

Expert’s answer: The main target of the cream that we use in the evening – to help skin get rid of toxins, provide it with nourishment and moisture, support and promote the skin’s natural renewal potential.

The skin regains energy and takes up nutrients while we are asleep. That’s why the traditional night cream formulas are extremely rich. It is also known that the self-regeneration of skin cells goes on actively between midnight and 4 a.m. If we are in deep sleep during this time interval, the regeneration process is supported by melatonin – a natural anti-oxidant that fights ageing and regulates day-and-night body rhythm. With this in the mind, make sure you follow the healthy habit of falling asleep before midnight.

A cream is maximum effective if you apply it an hour or two before going to bed. In this case it has enough time to soak deeply into skin and start working by midnight. The excess amount should be removed to avoid swelling. How to enhance the effect of a night cream? Spend some time in the evening to get rid of everything that your body and mind don’t need: take a warm bath with sea salt, have a cup of herbal tea and eat your last meal two or three hours before going to bed. This way any cream, even an ordinary moisturizing one, will be twice as effective!

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