What do women do when they want to improve their mood, change style for spring or add self-assurance? Right, they look for new shoes!

Laquer, various colours, pointed toes and creative heels – any look will find a perfect match.

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1. Court shoes: combining classic and avant-garde style

По-прежнему в тренде бежевые лодочки. Важно выбрать правильный оттенок, который будет продолжать естественный цвет кожи и визуально делать ноги длиннее. В новом сезоне выбирайте лодочки с изюминкой: это может быть необычный каблук – цветной, прозрачный или металлический. Носите бежевые лодочки только с прозрачными тонкими колготками без блеска!

2. Suede and velvet: don’t be afraid to ruin them

Velvet or suede shoe care is simpler than it seems. Brushes with soft short bristles are usually enough, in exceptional cases take them to dry cleaning. If you are afraid to ruin your new shoes, spray some water-repelling product on them at the very start, and they will wear well! While the effect these nice-to-touch shoes have is incredible: they look majestic and elegant but noncommittal.


3. Creative heel: don’t overload your look

If you choose sparkling, metallic or transparent heels, design of your shoes should be simplistic – no buckles or embroidery. Ideally even the colour of the main material should be simple and subtle, then you create a fantasy look without a hint of vulgarity.

4. Bold colours: going deep

Unusual bold colours are easier combined with contrasting items. For example, rich green, blue or dark wine-coloured shoes look perfect with almost any dress, while some details of the same colour in your look broaden the range even more.


5. Pointed toes: get rid of stereotypes

Pointed toes highlight your feminine traits and even make you look a bit provocative. A girl in pointed toe shoes seems more eccentric. Be ready for bolder fashionistas this spring! Pointed toes are balanced only with high heels – in that case the general lines of your feet look harmonious.