Each of us has their own idea of a homely home. Someone likes quiet family evenings; the others are fond of the noisy get-together sessions with friends.

Whatever you choose, the recipe of a perfect homely atmosphere stays the same. Here is a list of components that make you want to come back home again and again.

1. Motion.
It is the first and the most important condition of a cozy home atmosphere. A house without the living beings is just a box, and only life in all of its unpredictable forms can bring the unique spirit and style to this place. Let the flowers blossom on windowsills, light curtains play with the fresh wind, pets move around the rooms, and kids find places for games and creative activities!

2. Light.
Let the natural light in during the day. If it is not enough, use the soft artificial lighting. Opt for the wall and desk lamps instead of the ceiling lamp in the evening. Make sure that the lighting conditions correspond to the time of the day. Remember that evening comes when you switch on your shaded lamp, and not when the sun goes down.

3. Scent.
The homely atmosphere is impossible without the mouth-watering scents. All of us come home to have a rest and a nice dinner! Vanilla cake, baked goose with apples and cranberry jelly are capable of transforming the most modest house, making it the place where all of your dreams come true. Spices, orange and floral notes are just the thing for the proper mood. But sometimes the cooking achievements are not needed – simply use the spray air freshener or kitchen soap with coffee scent.


4. Sounds.
Try to open windows as often as possible, in case there is a chance to hear the birds singing or tree leaves whispering. Human voices, laughter, or cat’s purring will add extra charm to your home. Whenever you want to relax, turn on the quiet harmonious music without words or popular dance rhythms. Use the sounds as a medicine and make sure you take it regularly.

5. Cleanness.
Apart from removing dust and dirt, the cleanup ritual helps to vacate space for living. When things come back to their places, your home is reborn and ready for the new ideas to be put in practice. To start each new day with a clean slate, don’t forget to get rid of unnecessary stuff in the evening. Clean your house, but don’t pay attention to minor defects, such as scratches on furniture. These are the signs of life!

6. Changes.
Maintain the sensation of the new in your house and try to improve it all the time. Replace the old wall lamps, put up the new wallpaper in the kitchen, shift the furniture. The home interior should not stay frozen. Remember that many changes have taken place since you completed the repair process! Change the home environment in line with your habits and wishes, and enjoy your homely home!

7. Individuality.
Let your family members find their own cozy places for reading, talking or simply sitting by the open window. Make sure that wide windowsills and small closets are used for the good purpose. These are the right places for your favorite books, soft cushions and old family photos!

Text: Anna Laznik