prebiotikiOur skin’s surface is a permanent home for many bacteria. That’s a good thing, because these bacteria help the body resist infections and create the acid mantle – a barrier that protects against the external environment.

To preserve the skin’s natural ecosystem, the beneficial bacteria need help. That’s what prebiotics are for.

Prebiotics are substances that normalize the microflora. They serve as a nutritious substrate for beneficial bacteria and inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria.

In the presence of prebiotics, pathogenic bacteria and fungi stop multiplying, pH level becomes optimal, and the skin’s protective mechanism works flawlessly. Cosmetics containing prebiotics have a wide range of uses: they fight odors, inflammation, and dandruff, and can be used for intimate hygiene or oral care.

Our Expert Pharma– line has been expanded with prebiotic-based products – they moisturize and deodorize, heal and soothe, help fight infections and keep you confident. Now we have biological protection that is always in action!