Dear friends!

We celebrated our 20th birthday in the previous year. This is an important milestone, an occasion to reflect on our path and set new, bigger goals. Thanks to your endless energy and love for beauty, and your desire to take charge of yourself and your loved ones, we have been able to achieve so much, and today, we can proudly say: Faberlic changes lives.

Throughout all of this time together, we delighted, surprised, and inspired each other. We learned new things, overcame obstacles, and forged forwards towards our dreams. We lived vibrantly, to the peak of our abilities, and let's not stop there!

From the bottom of our heart, we wish you and your families health, prosperity, exceptional achievements, and bountiful blessings. Let each of you become even happier and closer to your goals, add to your knowledge bank, find new opportunities, and be able to give those closest to you a little magic. Keep your finger on the pulse of events: There are a lot of fascinating discoveries ahead, which will help us step up to the next stage of success.

Take care of your dreams and believe in them, put plans you've created with those you love into action, and we will help you make every day a special one. Happy Holidays, friends! May the New Year bring you wonderful changes and happiness!

Sincerely yours,
Faberlic Team