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Order creation

How do I buy Faberlic products?

You can purchase Faberlic cosmetics, clothing, accessories, and household goods in the following ways:

  • register and order on faberlic.com (detailed ordering instructions can be found here);
  • place an order through a familiar Faberlic Representative;
  • place an order at any of 5000 Faberlic collection points (you can locate the closest delivery point here).

What are the advantages of shopping with Faberlic?

Our company is active in 40 countries across the globe. We are trusted by: in Russia alone, Faberlic products are regularly purchased by over 9,400,000 customers.

Every three weeks, we release a catalogue with new products and unique offers. The assortment available for purchase is made up of over 5000 unique products.

With your first order, you become a participant in the New Representative Program and receive a gift with your purchase from each of the next 9 catalogues. Additionally, if you order products totalling 1000 roubles or more, you will receive a discount of 20% and 26% on Faberlic products.

Who can help me with creating my first order?

All questions about the placement, payment, and delivery of your first order can be addressed to your Sponsor, whose contact information is in your personal profile. In addition, a detailed description of the ordering, payment, and delivery procedure can be found on our website, in the Help section.

What is a draft order?

An order with draft status is saved in the system for 24 hours after the most recent edit. Draft orders are automatically deleted by the system.

When are prices of products participating in a promotion recalculated?

When ordering products on faberlic.com, a discounted product of your choice is offered at the second step of order placement in the Promo discount section. If an item was added directly to the cart, the discount will not work, so it is essential that you choose promotional products only at the second step of order placement. Incorrect orders cannot be edited or recalculated after In Assembly status.

The rules for placing orders with catalogue promotional products are published each period in the Catalogue News section (How to order promotional products from the catalogue).


Do I need to register to place an order on the website?

Yes. Registration is part of order placement, and takes very little time. All you need to do is fill out a simple form with your full name and telephone number, after which you will be able to take advantage of all Faberlic Customer benefits. You can learn more about the registration process here.

Is there a registration fee?

Registration with Faberlic is free and open to absolutely anyone above the age of 14.

Can someone who is not a Russian citizen become a Faberlic registered customer?

Yes, they can.

Why do I need a customer number?

Customer Number is used when topping up your personal account for paying for orders by bank transfer or through payment terminals, as well as for receiving an order or creating a feedback request.

How can I register a customer in my group?

To register new Customers in your structure, you can choose one of two options.

1. Register a Customer through your personal profile, in the Representatives section, under the Representative Registration tab.

2. Give the Customer your affiliate link. They will be able to register themselves by following this link. You can get your affiliate link in your personal account, under the My Structure tab. You can also publish this link on social networks and your blog, or send it by email.

Can I change Sponsors and move to a different structure?

If, when registering on the Faberlic website, a Newcomer entered the wrong Sponsor number (or ended up in a different structure), this mistake can be corrected as long as the new Representative has not yet started to build their own structure (i.e., has not yet registered anyone under their number).

You can change Sponsors within two billing periods from the date of registration. To change Sponsors, the current Sponsor must make a Feedback request stating that they have no objection to the change in Sponsors (and providing the number of the new Sponsor).

How do I change my password to log in to my personal profile?

You can change your Personal Profile password yourself in the Personal Information / Settings section.

Faberlic Representatives

What is a Faberlic Representative?

A Faberlic Representative is a business partner, who not only introduces Customers to the company and its products, gives recommendations on selection, and helps place orders, but also provides all necessary information to successfully start cooperating and building your own business with Faberlic.

If you do not know any Faberlic Representatives, we will recommend you one of our best partners when you register on the website, whose contact information you can always find in your Personal Profile.

What does Faberlic Representative status mean?

By becoming a Faberlic Representative, you become our business partner and earn additional income and rewards by offering Faberlic products to your clients and developing your own group. Representative status is assigned to a Customer if they fulfill personal sales volume of 50 points or more, and also have a personal group of Customers with a total sales volume of no less than 50 points.

You'll get even more benefits when you become a Representative.

  • A discount on Faberlic products of 20% and 26%.
  • Participation in special promotions and VIP Programs.
  • One-time single payments according to the conditions of the compensation plan.
  • Participation in trainings and development of new skills that help you achieve even greater success.
  • The opportunity to build your own business with a trusted partner, Faberlic.

Who can become a Faberlic Representative?

All registered Faberlic Customers (older than 14) who want to change their lives for the better through additional income from partnership with Faberlic.

How do I become a Faberlic Representative?

To become a Faberlic Representative, you must be a Faberlic Registered Customer and participate in the company's compensation plan by placing orders and inviting Customers to your personal group. You can learn more about this in the section on the compensation plan.

How can I find a Faberlic Representative if I don't know one personally?

If you do not know a Faberlic Representative, register on our website and we will recommend you a Representative who is in the same region as you and can help you with product selection and order placement. You can also contact the nearest Faberlic collection point and get Representatives' contact information through them.

What is a VIP Representative?

A VIP Representative is a Representative who fulfilled 100 points of personal volume in one period. First-level VIP Representative privileges can be used starting in the next period.

You can learn more about the Faberlic VIP Program benefits in the Business Promotions section.


How can I pay for an order?

If you placed an order through a Faberlic Representative, payment is made directly to that Representative upon receipt of the order.

If you place an order on faberlic.com with delivery to a Faberlic collection point, then you can pay for the order when you pick it up if the collection point is equipped with a payment terminal.

In any other situations, payment for an order is made from your personal account in your personal profile.

How to top up your personal account:

  • Sberbank Online
  • Bank cards
  • Bonus cards
  • Electronic payments
  • Mobile payment
  • Top up with cash
  • Payment terminals

You can read more about payment methods here.

Is it safe to pay by bank card on the Faberlic website?

Yes. Faberlic only works with reliable partners and payment systems, guaranteeing the safety of our Customers.

What should I do if I entered the wrong Customer number when paying?

If you accidentally top up another Customer's personal account, please send a message to Faberlic support, attaching a copy of the details and a short explanation of the situation. Our specialists will help you resolve the issue.

What should I do if the payment terminal doesn't print a receipt?

If a payment terminal through which you topped up your account did not print a receipt, check your account balance in your personal profile. If the amount was credited, there will not be any problems with payment, and you can pay for orders. If the amount in your account hasn't changed after topping it up, please contact the support service indicated on the payment terminal by telephone.

How do I apply a promo discount received for ordering a certain amount to an order?

A promo discount accrued through a promotion is applied when an order with a total amount meeting the conditions of the promotion is confirmed.

What is the payment process for orders delivered to a Collection Point?

Payment for orders with delivery to a collection point can be processed only through a Representative's personal account. Most delivery points are equipped with payment terminals, so you can often pay for an order when you pick it up. The collection point's owner can clarify whether or not there are terminals at a specific collection point.

All orders placed with delivery to a collection point must be paid for within 7 calendar days, beginning from the next day after the order is accepted at the collection point. On the eighth day, an unpaid order will be returned to the warehouse. The cost of return shipping for an unpaid order to the warehouse is paid for by the Representative in accordance with the rules of delivery to collection points.

An order with deferred payment must be picked up within 14 calendar days. On the 15th day, the order will no longer be able to be issued.

Why does my order still have "unpaid" status after topping up my account?

Topping up your personal account is not an order. To pay for an order in the My Account tab, you must click on the Pay button across from the order you want to pay for in the Unpaid Orders module. The amount required for payment will be deducted from your balance and applied to the order.

Can I pay for an order in a foreign currency?

If you are in a country where Faberlic is active, but the currency is different from the currency of your country, you must pay for orders through your personal account. This being said, the order must be paid for in the currency of the country where it will be received. Therefore, regardless of service region, you can top up your account in any country, but orders can only be paid for within the country where the payment was made. To pay for an order, you must transfer the corresponding currency to your personal account: in Azerbaijan – manat, in Kazakhstan – tenge, in Lithuania – euro, etc. In each country, there are different ways of topping up your personal account in foreign currency: bank card, electronic payment systems, and others. No matter which currency, the procedure of topping up your account is generally the same as it is in Russia.


How can I receive an order?

We offer the following delivery methods:

  • 5000 Faberlic collection points,
  • the Russian Post,
  • courier delivery,
  • PickPoint parcel terminals and collection points.

You can find a detailed description of all the methods and conditions of delivery here.

What is the cost of delivery?

The cost of delivery depends on the region to which the order is delivered and the delivery method. Details about the cost are shown in the Delivery section.

In what timeframe can I pick up an order from a Faberlic collection point?

Orders are stored at the collection point for 7 days from the date of delivery.

What should I do if I cannot pick up an order in the specified timeframe?

If you are receiving an order through an affiliate delivery service (courier service, PickPoint parcel terminals or collection points, the Russian Post), you need to contact the delivery service and discuss the possibility of moving the delivery date.

If you are receiving an order at a Faberlic collection point, you need to contact company support through the Ask a Question service.

Can I change the delivery address after submitting an order?

A delivery address (Faberlic collection point) can be changed if the order has Ready for Assembly status. After an order is assembled, delivery will take place at the Faberlic collection point or other delivery point chosen during order placement.

How do I cancel an order?

You can cancel an order yourself only if it has Ready for Assembly status.

How much does delivery to a collection point cost? How much does it cost through the Russian Post?

The cost of delivery to a collection point depends on the region you live in and the price of the order (at catalogue prices). You can learn about more detailed delivery price conditions by clicking this link.

The cost of delivery by post is calculated at Russian Post rates. Order price has no effect on delivery cost. When calculating the cost of delivery, the following are taken into account:

  • The location of the sender and recipients town/city (delivery from Moscow).
  • The weight of the order.


What is Auto-delivery?

If, when placing an order, a product you would like is out of stock in your region, but is in stock at the company's main warehouse, you can order it using the Auto-delivery function.

What is an Auto-delivery cart?

Your Auto-delivery cart contains products that were ordered using the Auto-delivery function. Information about the timeframe of delivery of these products to the warehouse is displayed in the cart.

What is the delivery cost of Auto-delivery?

The cost of delivery for Auto-delivery is 9 roubles, regardless of the order amount (to reduce the total delivery amount, you can combine products in your Auto-delivery cart).

How can I combine all products in my Auto-delivery cart into one order?

To combine all products from your Auto-delivery cart into one order, you need to open Auto-delivery in the My Orders section, tick the box next to the desired articles, specify the quantity, and then click on Combine into Order. After that, the chosen products will be formulated into a separate order.

Please take note of these specific details about receiving products from Auto-delivery with the Russian Post, courier delivery, and at PickPoint parcel terminals:

  • For orders through the Russian Post: when a product that is in your Auto-delivery cart becomes available at the warehouse, a new order is not automatically created with this product, and it is not possible to make an advance payment or combine products. Products orders in advance (on Auto-delivery) are automatically added when confirming your next order with the same type of delivery.
  • For orders through PickPoint: in your Auto-delivery cart, you need to either combine the product in an order (choosing the point of delivery), or make an advance payment for the product.

Returns and claims

What should I do if I'm not satisfied with a product?

If a product isn't to your liking, you can return it.

A non-defective product can be returned by the customer within 21 days (DENAS devices— within 7 days) from the day the customer receives it, if the product's size, shape, dimensions, style, colour, or quality is not as desired. The product should still be in salable condition with all protective packaging intact (for example, external plastic wrap, protective membrane, etc.).

Non-defective products from product categories that come with protective packaging elements can only be returned if the protective elements are intact. Products that have protective packaging elements are indicated with a special Return Possible icon on the Faberlic website.

You can learn more about methods and conditions of returning products here.

How can I return a product?

  • If an order is received at a Faberlic collection point.

    Products can only be returned through the collection point where the product was received. To process a return, create a return claim at the collection point. Specify the reason for the return in the claim. The collection point employee will verify the validity of the return, (adherence to deadlines, condition of the product, etc.) and, if everything is in order, will accept the product from the customer.

  • If an order was received at a PickPoint parcel terminal or collection point, at a Russian Post office, or delivered by DPD and EMC courier service.

    Returns are processed through the Russian Post. Print and fill out the Return Register from faberlic.com, indicating the order number, item article number, quantity of returned products, and return reason. The Refund Register and other documents confirming the customer's needs (if necessary) must be mailed in a box with the returned products through the Russian Post to the address: ASC, PO Box 151 (for JSC Faberlic), 140961.

In what timeframe can I return a product?

Return of a non-defective product is possible within 21 days from the day the product is received (for DENAS devices- within 7 days). Returns of defective products is possible within 30 days from the day the product is received.

How do I return a product and get my money back?

The full conditions of product returns are published here.

Money is refunded to the Representative's personal account from which payment for the product was taken, within 10 minutes from the time the Claim document is filled out at the collection point.

The seller has the right to refuse to accept a product returned by a customer and refund the money paid for it if the customer did not follow the return rules, including:

  • not returning the product within the set timeframe;
  • returning products without manufacturing defects if the specified return reason was a manufacturing defect, etc.

Can I receive refunded money to my bank account instead of to my Personal Account?

If necessary, you can return the money from your personal account to a bank account. To do this, submit a request in the Feedback section in your Personal Profile (1.2 financial issues), attaching a statement.

Funds transfers of up to 10,000 roubles take place within 5 business days. Information about transferring funds can be provided by request in the Feedback section. If the amount of the refund is more than 10,000 roubles, the timeframe of the transfer may be extended to up to 10 business days.

When returning products purchased in the New Representative Program or VIP Program, will I still be able to exchange it for another in the same promotion?

You can re-select a product as part of a given promotion after the return (claim) status changes to Completed.

How do returns work for products purchased on promotion?

In accordance with the return conditions for non-defective products established by the company, if a returned product was purchased as part of a promotion and has different prices in an order (for example, if buying one package with a coupon, and the second at the regular price), the money will be returned corresponding to the lowest cost in the order.

Information about this is posted on the website and available to all Representatives.

Order correcting

Can I change an order after it has been confirmed on the website?

You can edit an order yourself if the order status is Ready for Assembly. It is not possible to edit an order with any other status.

Catalogues and other advertising products were added to my online order. How can I decline them?

You can decline catalogues and other promotional products when placing an order in the Promo Discounts section, by clicking Delete (or the Cart icon) in the offered lists.

Quality guarantee

What guarantees are there about the safety and adherence to quality standards of Faberlic products?

All Faberlic products undergo mandatory testing in accordance with GOST (State All-Union standard) and SanPiN (Sanitary Rules and Regulations). Faberlic is included in the state register of manufacturers of environmentally friendly and safe products. In 2010, the company received a certificate of conformity to ISO 22716 Cosmetics — Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) standard for its cosmetics production. Certificates of quality and Declarations are available when clicking on each product on the Faberlic website.

Personal Profile

What should I do if I forgot the password to my Personal Profile?

When logging in to your personal profile, there is a 'Forgot Password?' function. To restore your password, enter your e-mail or telephone number provided during registration.

How can I change my personal data in my Personal Profile?

Your personal account has a Personal Data section where you can change your contact information, mailing address, and delivery address. Changes to full name and birthday can only be made by company support staff at the request of the Customer through the Ask a Question service.

Promotions and loyalty programs

What discounts do Registered Customers get when placing orders?

The minimum order amount for purchasing products with discount up to 26% is 1000 roubles at catalogue prices. The 26% discount is retained if the Representative's personal volume for the previous period was 50 points or more.

Please note that for some products offered in the Faberlic catalogue (women's, men's, and children's clothing, jewellery, underwear, and tights), the maximum discount for all Representatives is 20%.

What are POINTS?

Each product has a cost not only in the currency of your country, but also in points. Points are used to calculate all Faberlic loyalty programs and promotions. Points are accrued to a Customer's ID number.

When are PV points calculated?

Points for products in paid orders are credited to the Representative's Personal Volume in the same billing period in which the payment was received by the company. For points to be counted in the calculation, payment for the order must have been confirmed in the Partner program (by a Representative/Collection Point owner).

Why might a negative PV point balance appear?

On the first day of a new period, points are adjusted according to claims submitted in the previous period.

What is the New Representative Program?

This program helps new customers get to know the products, and fulfilling the conditions qualifies them to receive sets of popular products at super prices. You can learn more about the conditions of the New Representative Program here.

Why might a Customer not be able to go to the next step of the New Customer Program?

Summation of the New Representative Program takes into account not only paid orders, but also returns and understock. If a Representative returns products or makes an understock claim, then in the next period (after the claim is created), the amount of the return will be taken into account when going through the next step of the program.

For example, if a Representative returned 500 roubles worth of products in the current period, then to continue with the next step of the program in the next period, they must pay for orders in an amount no less than 3000 roubles (2500 roubles + 500 roubles).

More information about the conditions of the New Representative Program can be found here.

Can a Customer continue participating in the New Customer Program if they do not place orders in 2 periods?

Steps 2-9 must be completed and paid for consecutively in eight billing periods from the completion of the first step. The conditions for completing one step can be met with one or several orders. If a period is skipped, the participant is removed from the program.

What is the Faberlic Club Savings Program?

This program offers not only the chance to purchase Faberlic products, but also to save up prize bonuses in your e-wallet. In the Faberlic Club program, bonuses will be credited to your e-wallet in your personal profile for every purchase. Accumulated bonuses can be exchanged for gifts from a special catalogue.

What are the conditions of carrying over Faberlic Club Program bonuses to the next period?

To save your accumulated Faberlic Club program bonuses, you must place and pay for orders each period. If a Representative's Personal Volume for a period is zero, the most recently acquired bonuses will expire at the end of the period.

If no paid orders are placed and PV=0 for several period, bonuses will not be credited, and accumulated bonuses will expire.

According to the Faberlic Club Savings program rules, bonuses for paid orders are credited to your e-wallet in your personal profile on the first day of the next period.

You can find details in the Faberlic Club Program Report section, and in the Points Turnover Statement report.

At what number of bonuses in the Faberlic Club Program does the possibility to select gifts appear?

You are able to choose a gift after your Faberlic Club e-wallet balance is at least 15 bonuses.

Are bonuses used up when returning Faberlic Club gifts?

When returning Faberlic Club gifts, spent bonuses are returned to the Representative's wallet after the claim's status is Complete.

What is a Your Bonus discount coupon and card?

Your Bonus cards or discount coupons are issued for the purchase of products from the main Faberlic catalogue during the period while the promotion was active. Such promotions will be announced several times a year. The received coupon (card) entitles the customer to the stated discount during the next period.

What are the conditions for adding Your Bonus cards (coupons) to an order?

Your Bonus cards or discount coupons are issued for the purchase of products from the main Faberlic catalogue during the period while the promotion was active. The promotion does not extend to product range outside the catalogue.

How do I use a Your Bonus card (coupon)?

A discount card (coupon) promotion starts working in the second step of order placement, in the Promo Discounts section. Orders with coupons must be paid. If an order with a coupon was paid for in the period when the catalogue promotion was announced, the discount can be used from the very first day of the next period. If an order with a coupon was paid for in the next period (after the catalogue coupon promotion was announced), the discount can be used starting on the next day.

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