renovage-expAll cells of the body are destroyed sooner or later, and new ones take their place. Dying cells emit substances that signal to other cells that it is time to split and fill the vacated space. Cell division begins with the assembly of protein molecules based on DNA code.

Areas of DNA with information about new protein molecules are called longevity genes. They are responsible for the synthesis of collagen fibres and intercellular gel – hyaluronic acid. To start the natural process of skin renewal, the cells need to be given the right signal and need help using natural resources.

Components of anti-aging cosmetics are able to restore the signal paths. This task is handled by peptide stimulants like Matrixyl® Morphomics in Renovage products. By activating the necessary genes, the peptide formula triggers synthesis of collagen and hyaluronic acid, effectively fighting wrinkles and restoring skin's elasticity.