Oxiology 460_060917In Oxiology cosmetics from Faberlic, drones are transport molecules that carry oxygen to the deepest layers of the skin. What makes drones unique is their small size and their ability to deliver an active substance to the exact area that needs it.

They are so small that they can reach the dermis – the middle layer of skin that lies under the epidermis – and affect fibroblasts, which are the cells where collagen and elastin – highly important for maintaining skin's youth and elasticity – are produced.

In the Faberlic laboratory, we managed to program oxygen drones to interact with fibroblasts.

The drone is a microscopic sphere, covered on all sides with ligands (which are a bit like whiskers). Ligands contact a certain kind of cell, and fit into them like keys. As a result, oxygen and other active ingredients stimulate the production of energy, helping restore skin's natural elasticity.

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