prod-imageQuestion: Faberlic products have a usage period of 18 months. This is almost two times shorter than any other cosmetic products. Does this mean that there are two times fewer preservatives in your cosmetics?

The expert’s answer: There are ten times fewer preservatives in our products than in any others! All our ranges contain the absolute minimum preservatives necessary.

How do we do it? We have our own microbiology laboratory licensed to conduct microbiological studies, as well as an entire “microorganism library”.

We take a cream, put these microorganisms into it, and then empirically select the concentration of preservatives at which the microbes die. This is usually around 0.1-0.2%, while the law allows up to 1-3%. That is, in principle we could do everything without a lab and just add the permitted amount of preservatives. But we aim to reduce the load on the skin of our clients (and their own) and expend time and effort to find a “therapeutic dose” of preservative substances. What we mean by that is a sufficient dose that does not exceed the necessary minimum.

In addition, we do not only add preservatives, but also select their composition. Preservative substances have a synergetic effect, that is, a mixture of three or four different substances is more effective than just one. Why? One is “responsible” for proteins, another for fats, and so on. This allows us to further reduce the dosage. Thus, when you use a Faberlic cream, your skin receives only trace amounts of preservatives which are very quickly removed by the body.