Question: I'd like to know more about Faberlic's pore-reducing product. How effective is it and how does it work? What do I need to know before I start using Faberlic pore-reducing cream?

Expert series pore-reducing cream works on the very cause of wide pores. Skin oils, dirt, and makeup residue accumulate inside them, and the edges of the pores become hardened rolls of skin that prevent pores from shrinking and keep them constantly open.

The cream controls this keratinization process and softens the rough surface. Freed from this stiff shell, the cells can once again divide and gradually "close" the pores. At the same time, skin is not stretched, so it keeps its elasticity. Pore "craters" disappear, and the skin's surface is smoothed.

This all happens thanks to Japanese Rose extract (Rosa Multiflora Thunberg), which is widely used in folk medicine in East Asian countries (Japan, Korea, eastern China). The rose fruits, ripened and then dried, are called "Eijitsu" in Japanese. They are traditionally used as a cleansing aid and are counted as a pharmacological product in Japan.

The rose extract affects specific enzymes that regulate the keratinization process (roughening of skin) around the pores and prevents the formation of hyperkeratotic rims around the perimeters of the pores. The substance's effect has been clinically proven: More than 50% of cases resulted in improvement.

The cream reduces the diameter of pores, controls the keratinization process around the pores, softens and smooths skin's rough surface, regulates sebaceous gland secretion, clears build-up from inside pores, and gradually "pulls in" pores.

How to use: apply the cream twice a day to the parts of your face with the most pores (forehead, nose, chin) or to your entire face. Recommended to be used in a course of no less than 30 days.

Question: After using the pore-reducing cream, my client experienced a few hours of severe redness. Is this a possible normal reaction, and is this cream harmful for those with rosacea?

The Expert's Answer: A skin reaction is, naturally, abnormal. There may be two possible reasons: if there are signs of demodicosis, or if skin is hypersensitive and its protective barrier is broken. Rosacea is a result of various problems that cause blood vessel fragility. Starburst veins and networks of dilated capillaries appear on susceptible areas.

So, at first, strengthening the blood vessels is recommended - from a therapeutic and cosmetic point of view. We can recommend any cream that contains Novaftem O2 and vitamin C. These both strengthen fine blood vessels. Vitamin C is in almost all of our products, and in two forms: fat-soluble and water-soluble. Furthermore, our «Oxygen Mesotherapy» compound contains an especially large concentration of both forms of vitamin C. This product has an excellent anti-rosacea effect.