Question: I’m 18 years old, can I use the Expert line (AHA Chemical Peel and Pore Minimizing Cream)? How should they be used at the young age?

Experts answer: Pore Minimizing Cream can be used at any age, if your pores are indeed enlarged and it is an inconvenience for you. Use it as a regular product, after thoroughly cleansing your skin. Apply the cream in the morning and in the evening.

As for the AHA Chemical Peeling Programme (1031+1023), it provides visible results if used as a complex, with required application frequency.

Your correct regimen may include these products once a week or as needed, when you need to instantly improve your skin tone. Exposition time – 5-10 minutes, depending on your skin sensitivity. Better apply these products in the evening. Remember that after a peeling treatment you need to use products with SPF 30, avoid direct sun to your face.