Leto-plageHow can you get a beautiful tan without harming your skin? How do you choose sun protection, and when should you reapply it? How can you avoid sunburn during an active vacation? Faberlic skincare product manager Yana Leontyeva answers the most popular questions about SPF cosmetics.
I'm going on a beach vacation. What tanning cosmetics should I bring?

It depends on your skin colour and sensitivity. Start your vacation with the maximum protection level (SPF 50) and reduce it once your tan appears. You'll need products for your face and body. Remember that the sun's rays can even affect your skin through clothes! Use after-sun products at the end of the day – they moisturize and soothe your skin and relieve stress from the sunlight.

What's the difference between sunscreen for children and adults? Are products for adults unsuitable for children?

Children's skin is more delicate, so formulas are specially designed for them. Baby SPF creams always have light, delicate textures and a higher protection factor! Products for children are suitable for adults, but products for adult are unsuitable for children.

How often should I apply sunscreen while I’m on the beach?

It depends on how often you go in the water and how long you stay in the sun. A general rule: apply sunscreen at least half an hour before sun exposure, and reapply every 2 hours and after going in the water. Pay attention to the recommendations, because all products work in their own way depending on the protective components in the composition.

Can I spend more time in the sun if I use products with a higher protection factor?

Not exactly. Your sunscreen has a "margin of safety" which is destroyed over time, so in any case, reapply your protective layer regularly. Choose sunscreen according to the degree of protection that your skin needs, and don’t overdo it on the sunbathing!

I'm going surfing in Bali. Do I need sunscreen, or do I just need it on the beach? Will it wash off in the water?

Protection is needed in any case if you are spending a lot of time in the sun, and surfing is no exception! Many surfers use special suits, but you'll still need products with SPF to protect the exposed parts of your body: face, neck, hands, and feet. The effect of each product will depend on what its protection factor is and how often you reapply the layer of sunscreen on your skin.
I want to come back from my vacation with a bronze tan. Should I choose products with minimal SPF?

To get a beautiful tan, you should gradually reduce the protection factor, taking into account the sensitivity and natural shade of your skin! It's important to take care of your skin’s health and avoid burns at all costs, because they can prevent further sunbathing.

Can I use a body product on my face?

We don't recommend it. You should choose a special face cream and apply it instead of your usual day cream half an hour before going outside. This product will also double as a makeup base! That’s caring for your skin the most correct and effective way.

I feel like sunscreen makes my skin too oily, which makes it dirty, and I end up getting a lot of acne during the summer. How can I avoid this?

Sunscreens don't cause inflammation if they are selected taking your skin’s individual characteristics into account. Choose sunscreen on an individual basis, and never use body products for your face. They have a different consistency and are richer.

Is it possible to combine sunscreen with decorative cosmetics?

Of course! Sunscreen is a great makeup base. Apply SPF cream first and let your skin absorb it, then apply foundation.

What's the difference between after-sun milk and after-sun gel? Which one should I choose?

The milk has a richer texture. It intensively moisturises and softens your skin, while the gel is lighter and cools your skin quickly. Let your preference guide you, and think about what your skin needs in particular!