Faberlic Code of Business Ethics

As a Faberlic Representative, I agree to

abide by the following Business Principles

  • I agree to follow the main rule of the Company: honestly build my business for profit in such a way that those with whom I work acquire the potential to build their career competently and make a profit.
  • In my work, I will only use techniques and strategies that will benefit the Company and myself, and eliminate the possibility of damaging the reputation of the Company and its brand.
  • I will study all the rules of the Company, as well as any amendments or supplements to them that the Company produces, and will always strictly abide by them.
  • I will complete training for new Representatives, and will also attend training sessions and development days offered by the Company. I will constantly improve my level of professionalism.
  • I agree to fulfil the established responsibilities of a Faberlic Representative, as well as the responsibilities of a Sponsor or Director when I reach those levels.
  • I will faithfully fulfil all responsibilities that I assume with regard to my present and future Customers and Representatives.
  • I will use all my faculties to educate and inspire those who I sponsor. I will always honestly and truthfully provide information about business opportunities with the Company.
  • I do not have the right to present or display the Company's products for retail sale. I agree to sell the Company's products exclusively through direct sales, following the requirements, spirit, and policy of the Company. I will not under any circumstances use the Company's network for the sale of other products not produced by the Company.
  • I will aim to resolve any disputes in the most professional way, with full understanding of the matter and a fair attitude towards all parties involved, and in line with Company's Policy and Code of Conduct.