1494-стартовая-en copy copy copy copy copy copy copyYour face needs constant care. Only healthy and moisturized skin looks truly beautiful. iSeul products are a joint development between Faberlic and leading Korean laboratories, and their effect is focused not on masking defects, but on remedying them completely.

We are giving a face care set to everyone who registers with Faberlic from 22 July to 11 August and makes a purchase in period No.11/2019:

In contact with water, Hydrophylic Cleansing Oil (0844) turns into a light emulsion and gently removes even waterproof concealer and lipstick without leaving an oily feeling.

Active Face Cream (0227) has a complex effect on the most common skin problems, and helps skin maintain its youth, freshness, and beauty. Nourishes and moisturizes your skin, making it glow from the inside!

Headband (11575) helps keep your hair back from your face to make cosmetic procedures as comfortable as possible. 

To receive your gift:

  1. Register at www.faberlic.com from 22 July to 11 August.
  2. Place and pay for an order of 1697 roub.* or more before August 11*.
  3. Place an order of 1000 roub. or more from 12 August to 1 September and get a face care cosmetics set as a gift (for 1 roub.) with your order.

*Excluding auto-delivery, service fees, and delivery fees.

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