Lak-GelGel Coat Nail Polish has perfect glossy shine, stays on up to 7 days, and can be removed with ordinary nail polish remover. The Faberlic Decorative Cosmetics product manager answers your questions about the product.

The description says that the Gel Coat Nail Polish formula is a revolution. What is revolutionary about it?

The formula's special feature and innovation is the complex of resins that gives your nail volume and makes its top coat as flexible as if it was a gel manicure. But Gel Coat Polish isn't a gel. You won’t need a lamp to dry it, because the formula contains a different photoinitiator that helps the coat harden under natural light. Additionally, the original composition gives your manicure a glossy finish.

Does the Gel Coat staying power depends on how often I wash my hands or use household chemicals?

In testing, Gel Coat Polish stayed on nails for up to 7 days.

In practice, it all depends on several things. The first one is the condition of your nail plate. The polish lasts longer on healthy nails than on dry or peeling nails. The second thing is to make sure your nails dry properly after the classic manicure procedure before you apply the coloured coat. The third is that you should deoil your nails before you start. This will give the nail polish a good grip on the nail.

I've heard that you should keep your hands dry for two hours after shellac to help it stay on your nails longer. Do you have any similar recommendations for this polish?

This is, in fact, a myth. The thing that really affects the polish‘s staying power is how it was applied. Properly prepared nails are the key to a good result. If you haven’t had a manicure in a long time, you should push down your moisturized cuticles as far as you can with an orange stick and remove the eponychium (thin skin close to the nail). After that, you should deoil your nail plate. All these steps will help the polish stay on your nail as long as possible.

What should I do to help my manicure last longer?

No matter how high-quality your manicure is, if you do household chores like washing dishes, gardening, or cleaning with chemicals, your manicure will be gone before the end of the day. Only proper care will help your manicure last longer. First of all, do all your household chores in gloves. Secondly, get rid of bad habits like biting your nails or using them instead of an opener, scraper, or screwdriver. Take care of your nails frequently—nourish them with oil and moisturize with creams.

I found that polishes from the same series in different shades can have different staying power. Is this just coincidence, or can the pigment really affect the result?

Depending on the shade and concentration of pigments, different polishes may have different drying time and lay on your nails differently. But the difference is insignificant. There is another explanation of the different staying power of different colours. Bright or transparent shades are applied in a thicker layer and often with more coats, and thick enamel colours are applied only once or twice. The ‘multi-layered cake’ that you get when you apply many coats will not stay on your nails nearly as well.

The longer your polish spends drying, the longer it stays on. This can be explained by the higher levels of resins and plastificators that make the top coat flexible. Quick-drying polishes contain acetone, which quickly evaporates and helps the coat dry instantly, but this dries out your nail plate. Use oils to keep your natural nails moisturized, because this makes your nails healthier and your nail polish more flexible, which means more staying power.