Weekend ExpertDespite the huge variety of face care products existing on the market, it is quite difficult to choose right skin care products. Creams, lotions, serums, tonics, peels, masks – you name it, the beauty market have got it. Ekaterina Dubovka, Brand Director for the Skin Care section at Faberlic, answers consumers’ questions.

I am new in the company and want to order a skin care line. The catalogue and the website offer many lines: Bloom, Weekend, iSeul, Expert Skin Activator, Oxiology.

Some of them have products for various ages, others are universal. Is it possible to choose a right skin care regimen for me now? Or you can’t tell before you try everything?

Each person is unique, and their skin has its own specifics: different mitosis speed, varied skin thickness, endocrine profile, oil gland activity etc. That is why face care products should be selected individually. It’s like a dress – you never know whether it looks good on you until you try it on.

How do cosmetic lines not divided into age-specific categories, work? Is universal cosmetics able to solve my problems if I am 35 or, let’s say, 50?

“Universal” cosmetics is not focused on solving specific problems, such as fighting acne or correcting deep wrinkles. It works with the mechanisms that are the same at any age: protects skin from external stress and city pollution, balances hydrolipidic barrier, moisturizes, stimulates collagen production.

So many creams, I want to try them all! But the order of using them is not always clear. Let’s say I purchase the Frosty Cranberry Protective Face Cream for winter. The website says it may be applied over another Faberlic cream. How much time should I wait till the “basic coat” of cream is absorbed? What if my skin will become too oily because of too many products used?

5-10 minutes are enough to let the cream absorb. The purpose of a protective winter product is to create a lipidic coat over your skin surface to protect it from wind and frost. If you feel uncomfortable wearing the “day cream + winter protection” combination you can use a light serum – in that case apply it 30 minutes prior going outside.

Should I consider seasons when choosing a face care line? Or use the same products in summer as I do in autumn?

It all depends on your lifestyle and the weather. In one region, SPF-containing products are a hot topic till October while in the other region, winter lines are to be used already in September. Humidity and outside temperature change, in winter the air inside is more dry because of central heating, in autumn the focus turns to exfoliation and wind and frost protection, not sun protection. But the skin care routine will be completely different for a person who only stays outside on their way from the office to the car and back, and for a young mother who spends 2 hours a day outside, walking. We should consider not only seasons but also lifestyles.

What is the average best before date for face creams?

Each cream has a special sign in the form of an open jar, with in-use period printed there. Pay attention – it is so easy to forget when was the last time you used it!

I like to treat myself and I really want to look attractive regardless my age. But I don’t have time at all for those serums, masks, scrubs, peels, creams… My head is spinning! What is an everyday must-have and what can be used periodically?

Cleansing is a must, two times a day! Any product. Washing gel or micellar water + tonic.

Deep cleanse should be done once a week (it can be a scrub, a peel, a cleansing mask). You can choose one basic face cream and eye cream for your skin care routine. For example, from the Expert Skin Activator line, starting from Step 1. Although adding serum before cream is a matter of 15 seconds.

Why is the texture of night creams different from day creams? Which ones are more efficient?

Traditionally, night cream is focused on skin nourishment and renewal while day cream – on protection and hydration. Thus, different basic formulas and different ingredients. It is hard to say which one is better as their effects are different.