Kupon 460-enPaid for an order of 999 roubles or more in catalogue №14/2019 and received a 250 rub. discount coupon in catalogue №15/2019? Don't forget to use it before 3 November!

There are so many new products in the latest Faberlic catalogue that it is simply impossible to rein in your shopping instincts, because you want to try everything! Let your emotions run free and enjoy useful, wonderful, and most importantly, bargain purchases.

For each 999 roubles in your order (at catalogue prices) one coupon was provided. The higher your order amount, the more coupons you get!

Registered customers can see all coupons earned as e-coupons in their Personal Profile on faberlic.com, in the Coupons and Cards section.

Unregistered customers can get coupons in electronic or paper form from their Representative.

One coupon is valid for a discount on only one product. You can only use one discount coupon per product.

The coupon discount does not stack with catalogue discounts and promotions.

*The discount is available from 14 October to 3 November and is taken from the red price in catalogue №15, and can be used for products marked with "-250 rub."

Happy shopping!